Interested in joining SAHA? Apply here!

  • In-game name
    My alias on SAES is: Vennelle

    My username is: mrredbull

    I am 21 years of age (30/11/1997)

    I was born and raised in The Netherlands / dutch

    Previous bans/punishments

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role
    I think i am the right fit for the position because i am very active on the server i am online every day which means i can be a great asset to the team. I play on SAES since 2012 which gives me a lot of experience within the community. Also, my english is in my opinion very decent which is important for a job like this because it takes a lot of communicating with the other half. I noticed that a lot of players are looking for a saha agent on a daily basis and that there are simply not enough around to help them. My internet browser is always opened, i check the forums throughout the entire day. Same goes for my discord. I'm easy to go along with and easy to contact me because of my discord always being open.

    Kind regards,

  • In-game name:


    Age: 17


    Previous bans/punishments:

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role:
    The reason I want to enter SAHA is because I like to communicate with people. I love helping them and communicating with them. Many players in the game looking for SAHA and often can not find an active one. I think I will be a suitable member for SAHA by using both my activity in the forum and my activity in the game. If you are an active player in the SAES you can see how active I am. I'm pretty sure you're good at communicating with people at my English level.I'm also sure that I will help all players looking for SAHA. By doing activity in the groups I'm helping groups develop. and I'm sure I'll do it in SAHA.

    Thanks For Reading

  • In-game name : I am known as Lincoln in-game.

    Username : ''Abdivdbf''

    Age: I am eight-teen years of age.

    Nationality: Dutch

    Previous bans/punishments: I have had a temporary ban in the first phase of my career when I was still learning. Appealing the ban was never necessary as it lasted for approx three hours only. Other than that, I have been adminjailed a few times but no punishments lately.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I have been enjoying the game for about 4 years now and I have now decided to take it a step further and do something back for the community. I'd believe I possess the required skills in order to fulfill the job properly. I have a polite, friendly approachable character, excellent communication skills speaking about 4 fluent languages, good administration skills and the ability to multitask. Additionally, the free time I have currently, just finished my last exams and going on a holiday of 3 months.



  • In-game name: Ramos
    Username: kostanjevec12345
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Slovene
    Previous bans/punishments: I have been banned twice. First time, because I was playing on another server with saes resources. And second time, for bug abusing at FC Jail. Both punishments happened somewhere in 2016. But nowadays, I'm clean I guess.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Here I am once again, trying my luck. Well the answer to the question above is, I can say I'm very active and responsible player on the server, I have joined server somewhere in 2015, so yeah I'm here for about 4 years. First time I got interested in SAHA was somewhere in 2016, when I was still getting used to the game and rules overall.

    I have applied few times for SAHA before but unsuccessfully. I'd like you to know that I still have a big interest into SAHA but for some reason I don't know how to show that. Anyways, my qualities are activity, maturity, responsibility and communication, I think I have all the qualities I need to become SAHA in the future.

    Currently, I'm taking part in FBI where I represent vice leader and in few groups to enjoy the gameplay even more, but apart from that, I still have a lot of my free time in the server that's why I'm willing to utilize that time by sorting out SAHA stuff. If there are any more informations needed, I'll be happily answering at discord or in game.

  • In-game name: FoxZilla
    Username: mertt
    Age: 16
    Nationality: Turkish
    Previous bans/punishments: I have jailed 3 time since 2011. My First adminjail reason was dm. I was at event without warp and I crashed someones car then I got report and I got adminjail and I cloudnt prove it. Second one is camping front of jail. There was more than 20 criminals. One cop tried to arrest matizz and we killed him. Then me and matizz adminjailed but we werent camping but we cloudnt prove. Finally I was at donator spawn and I didnt see donator spawn rules. Then I killed a lots of cops with RPG they were tried to arrest me and I killed them. Then I learnt I cant kill cops with RPG It was too late so finally It was my misstake after this day I didnt take any adminjail.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: There is a lots of way to show my striving to SAES but I think joining to SAHA is the best way to show my striving for SAES. Firslty I'm trying to help new players. Also who needs help I'm trying to help them. And Finally I think I'm fit with that job because If you take feedback from some players I think you wont hear any untrustable words about me. I think the most important thing is trust in SAHA so If you give me a chance You will see I'm trustuble person also you wont regret. If I find anyway to show my interest and my personality, I definitely do it. I hope you wont think me as untrustable,retarded or something like that. Thank you for read.

    Application Updated
    Date 25.09.2020

    Best Regards

  • In-game name: LAW

    Username: HELL11

    Age: 31

    Nationality: EGYPT

    Previous bans/punishments: NEVER

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role :
    first aim active almost all time open at least from 5 to 11 hours in day. respect all in sever. i know a few things like inactive requests and i will try help all in saes i make them like my family try help admins and all with my best.

  • In-game name: Draven
    Username: Stairox
    Age: 22
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments: Couple of adminjails when I first joined the server back in 2015. I have been banned once for 2 days but my ban was removed within 20 mins as it was kind of false ban.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I usually don't want to mention that I'm active etc in such questions, I think I have all the qualities needed for this role such as being responsible, helpful, humble and most importantly a passionate. Also I can only ensure to you a decent activity, attitude and motivation.

  • In-game name: Z|Raider
    Username: r4ader
    Age: 22
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments: None
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: well to be honest i m not gonna say the same routine words that pretty much everyone saying it everywhere i m just here looking for experience and trying to be usefull in this server as you see im respectful & stable emotional and you can confirme this by asking anyone in the server anyway i m just here for that as i explain and even if i didn't have the chance to get accepted this time this will makes me more stronger to go again and again, i m just creating from fail a power to make it succesful in the future. i m glad that i have the chance to apply here and thank you!

  • In-game name: [TT]Zwolle
    Username: zwolee
    Age: 21
    Nationality: turkish
    Previous bans/punishments: no
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role
    Im suitable for this job because I've been playing here for a long and Im a known player. This job requires experience and knowledge about how the game works, it does also require us to know the map and to be communicative. I have a lot of experience with managing things and thanks to my school schedule Im usually online at late night and mornings.

  • In-game name: OC|>Mrwan
    Username: jaycee2015
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Previous bans/punishments: Nothing.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role:
    This job requires someone to be experienced, mature and old enough to understand everything In this game, I have tried several times to show interest and to join SAHA but I failed in every time but I don't really give up that easy so yea here I am once again trying my luck and doing my best to 'show' my Interest In SAHA, As for my qualities, I am very active, Mature and very experienced.
    I can handle responsibilities and deal with everything that Is a part of my job.

  • Just to clear things up, if you've applied once before, you don't need to apply again.

    Your previous application will be taken into consideration when we're looking to take on new members.

  • In-game name: blizzard
    Username: dopeblizz
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Romanian
    Previous bans/punishments: Probably an adminjail around december 2013 if I recall correctly. Other than that, some joke mutes/kicks/bans. No real/official punishments.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I have been playing in this server for quite some time and it represents my daily gaming choice alongside some other games. I learn and get the grips quite fast, I'm quite friendly and I enjoy helping people whenever I can. Hopefully I will be given a chance to prove my worth in this community.

  • In-game name: I'm known as Kim

    Username: fargada2356

    Age: I am 15 years old

    Nationality: Bulgarian

    Previous bans/punishments:I've been playing for quite a long time in SAES (Since around 2012/2013). I have one and only ban so far. However, I have been adminjailed around 4 times so far and have received some mutes for commuting in a foreign language.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I feel confident enough to be capable of taking the duty of being a SAHA Agent and actively contribute to the activity of this special group and ultimately the server, but most importantly helping the public. The reasons for this are several but most importantly my activity and experience in the property business. I have been involved in owning and reselling properties and hence feel pretty familiar to the situation and eagerness of players when it comes to housing. My above average communication skills also make me more confident applying for this position. Furthermore the recent growth in housing trend show the need of more trustworthy agents which I count myself as and so I definitely look forward to get a chance to help the community in such a progressive way.

  • In-game name: Reus
    Username :Karamani
    Age :17 years old
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Previous bans/punishments : Bans N/A i got Adminjail before
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role : yeh sure i can would be suitable for this rule because im a active player so if anyone want to get inactive house i can be there for help him and and im known in this game I knew how to do this by other SAHA members and my experience on how to get inactive homes

  • In-game name: Zlatan
    Username : doris
    Age :21 years old
    Nationality: Tunisia
    Previous bans/punishments : i got an Adminjail due to arrest avoid .
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role : because im an active player , a mature one who have a good experience in saes and im a trusted person who follow the rules and want to help all friends and let a good impact always . .

  • in-game name: Chapo
    Username: ratatui
    Age: 17
    nationality: Mexicano
    Previous prohibitions / punishments: I was banned for a confusion, but everything is clear, out of trouble
    Why do you think you would be suitable for the role: I am responsible and mature enough to handle this job, and I have a lot of time playing saes

  • In-game name: LandShark & Mike_Jones
    Username: landsharkppppp
    Age: I'm 16 years old.
    Nationality: Hungarian
    Previous bans/punishments: Adminjails
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Well, because I'm very active on the server, so if anyone ask something, i can help him rapidly. I'm responsible, and i have 2 years experience behind me, so i think i can handle this job. I want to be a SAHA Agent in order to help the community with their housing problems, and to get more experienced. I consider myself mature for this job. Almost everyday i see players looking for a SAHA Agent, so i think the SAHA is a very important job, and i want to join. I'm on dc everyday, so people can find me easier.


  • In-game name: Lightning - [SWAT]Lightning

    Username: lightning12

    Age: 18

    Nationality: Israeli

    Previous bans/punishments: None that I'm aware of.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Well, the reason I'm applying to SAHA today is that I think I'm really suitable for this job, I have a huge experience in House marketing from the days that I used to play in Roleplay Communities most of the time there I was a real estate company owner and I had to work all day long selling properties or helping people to find properties for sale.
    Also, I have extensive experience in GTA:SA and especially SAES:RPG, I also really like to help people that are really in need of it either in the main server or in the discord so I have plenty of time to spend it on people.

  • ..

  • In-game name: Kowalski
    Username: killerboy5678
    Age: 23
    Nationality: german
    Previous bans/punishments: No bans / maybe adminjail yes but if so it's a long time ago I can't remember
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role:
    I think im good for this role because I'm very active at the server and I'm playing for around 7 years now so I can say I already got some experience and how to act to other people even it's a new player or an older one.
    Due to that I can say I got some experience in housing scenario's as well.
    I'm motivated to help out people with their housing auctions questions about housing and everything else related to that job. It would be a great addition to my current gameplay on the server and would bring some "fresh air" to it.
    An advantage may is that I got shiftwork and I'm online at times there may not be other SAHAs around and help at this times as well.