Interested in joining SAHA? Apply here!

  • In-game name: millionaire
    Username: ghostviper
    Age: 24 years old
    Nationality: Bangladeshi
    Previous bans/punishments: Banned once for being part of administration in another server that had SAES resources / got admin-jailed a few times
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: My English proficiency is satisfactory, wouldn't say communication skills are that bad either. Active from time to time for being a little busy in real life. I'm active at weird timezone, sometimes in late night and sometimes in early morning. Just need a little re-touch on the panel as I had previous experience as a Housing agent on the other server years ago. That's all I guess, willing to help the server in any ways I can being a part of the community for last few years

  • In-game name : [AA]Zombie
    Username : gal102
    Age : 22
    Nationality : Israel
    Previous bans/punishments : 1 ban for 1 hour for stole admin's rc rhino (3 years ago ++) \ Also was punishment twice with adminjails for killed cops outside of jail.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role : Well, i think i can fit to this role,i have a pretty good English ( have some mistakes here and there but i believe everyone does 😉 ),also im playing on saes for many years as normal player in the community, took a part in many groups(and still are) and i believe i did a good job in all of them, and now i see an opportunity to take it to the next step and to be a part of the saes community team and help the community with what they'll need.
    Also i want to say, im not playing 7 hours per day like maybe another players here, im busy irl and working, but mta is the only game i play and saes is the only server i play, so there could be days i'll play 2 hours and will be days i'll have time to sit here hours on hours.

    Was important to me to inform about my activity before you take a decision, i would like to thank you for reading my application and would like to wish good luck to the rest of the applicants, Have a great day, Zombie 😄 .

  • In-game name: [SWAT]Anas
    Username: CyberGhost
    Age: 16
    Nationality: Tunisian.
    Previous bans/punishments: N/A.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Well, I think I fit this role for multiple reason, and the most important one is my experience in SAES, I've been playing for 8-9 years, and I know exactly how things goes in here,
    Secondly, I always loved being helpful, so I'd like to help players with what they need,
    Also I always would like to achieve new positions around and try new experiences, and this could be an opportunity for me, and I wouldn't miss it.
    I've also got a pretty good english and I speak other languages, such as arabic and french, so if a player could not communicate in english, I'd still be able to understand him.
    Let's not forget activity too! I am always active, I spend around 7 hours atleast daily in SAES, so if anyone needs a SAHA I'll be available to help them immediatly.

    I guess that's all I have to say, hope I get a chance to prove myself and help players.

  • In-game name: kockata
    Username: kockata
    Age: 19
    Nationality: Bulgarian peasant
    Previous bans/punishments: one in early 2017 for being harsh to a clan member
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I'll be short. Aside from the possibility of changing my usual gameplay, it looks like a good opportunity to show the present community I'm not only a cunt ). I'm hundred percent sure I have the required qualifications and would be able to handle the role I may be given.

  • In-game name: Stay
    Username: stayalive
    Age: 21 years of age.
    Nationality: Venezuelan
    Previous bans/punishments: I'm crystal Clear
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I do remember when I joined SAES back in 2013 I never really expected to be part of anything relatable to SAHA Staffs or SAES Personnel at all, but along the years that I have been playing, getting many experiences and types of situations, I've learned how to deal with the needs of the players I guess the time spent has taught me this, I do know by a fact that I'm not as good as an English Native speaker when it comes to English proficiency but I can communicate towards others, I'd say my strongest points are that I am very organized, hard worker and Mature I can give my best towards SAHA, as I believe my fella Licano might Need a hand when everyone else is sleeping at those Latino hours: thinking_face:

  • @kockata Sorry, no bald people

  • In-game name: [FOX*]Lily
    Username: zeus74330
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Previous bans/punishments: Since i remember, i was adminjailed 2 times, my first adminjail was when i joined my first organisation, TST, i had around 100 hours of gameplay and i killed an unwanted player outside the SR marker, he reported me and i got jailed, after that, got another one, that i can remember, because i dmed a player who was annoying me and since i was a "kid" and i was just playing MTA to troll, i didnt cared about it, which leaded me to another adminjail, thank you Nicus :D, hopefuly i changed my attitude and started playing MTA for pleasure and not just because i havent anything else to do. Thanks to several players that i met in my first 300 hours of SAES, i learned a lot and most important, i learned to follow rules, to respect, to help, things that i'll take till the end of my life.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Alright, so, first of all, i´ve never thought that an interest would born for these type of stuff, i always liked to help others, and i do it usualy in-game, but never had the thought of embark on these sort of jobs, an important one like this, but since im a kind person, and as i refered, i love to help the others, and most important, im a mature, and active person in the server, and because of that, i think i would fit perfectly in this group/job, ah, and im becoming active in SAES discord aswell. I have friends in SAHA and even in SAES Staff, and in this 3 years, learned a lot with them and im really grateful for the time that they spent teaching me, and now, i can see that their time spent, was worth, they made me a better person and taught me a lot of new things, not only about the game, but about the life in general. Other point that leaded and influenced me to do this application, was the fact that usually there´s more and more people asking for SAHA help and sometimes there´s no one able to answer to their needs, even though there´s a "lot" of active SAHA´s at the moment.
    Thank you for your time spent reading my application and i hope i´ll get the chance to prove myself towards our community.

  • In-game name: toteking233
    Username: toteking233
    Age: 28
    Nationality : portuguese
    Previous bans/punishments Maybe some mute XD (for talk portuguese in mainchat)
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role
    : Good afternoon before anything else! Well I will not start by saying what the vast majority say, that wants to be saha because it is not very active etc etc. What I have to say is that the SAHAs that are there are good and because of this I feel energized and willing to join the SAHA group.

    What I think I could offer the group would be, more good energy (more than the existing one) because of my age I already have a certain maturity and a lot of common sense! I like and I'm always available to try to help people in any way. I already know and I think I get along with some active members of the saha group, they can confirm that I am not a bad option, I think hehehe At this moment of my life I have enough time to dedicate to the server during the week I can dedicate to at least 10 hours per day !! I can adapt at any time, and ready it's all hehe!

    (also i speak Perfect Portuguese and spanish, english 7/10 and a little french !)

    Thank you for taking the time to read my aplly, a big hug and a good one.

  • In-game name: JoNa
    Username: jonathan959
    Age: 15
    Nationality: American/Cuban
    Previous bans/punishments: no bans nor adminjail
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: first of all I would like to start by saying that would be an honor if I'm accepted in SAHA and would like to keep it short as I don't want to bore u. I can be very useful in SAHA as I am very active and it doesn't bother me to help others and I don't cause troubles , in the contrary I would love to help the SAES community, I'm also free most of the time as I'm always patrolling and chilling with friends and sometimes it get bored and it would be perfect to spent sometimes helping people as SAHA.
    I speak perfect English and Spanish 😄

  • In-game name: Nico
    Username: diefish
    Age: 20 ( 06-10-1998 )
    Nationality: Netherlands / Dutch
    Previous bans/punishments: I have been banned 3 times actually.

    • House Abuse ( 2012 ): Back in the early days of my SAES carrier ( Well, played for like 2 years already ). Saw a lot of houses for sale, and couldn’t hold myself back. Realised that I bought to many, and got banned instantly when I returned ingame. ( Ban time: 7 days )
    • “Stolen” Scripts ( 2013 ): Back in 2013 me and Jasper made our own Little RPG server. SAES Suspected we used Stolen scripts, and were banned. Once we spoke to the SAES HQ & Showed them our scripts, we got unbanned. ( Ban Time: 5-7 days )
    • Logged in from another PC ( 2013 ): In the period that I was banned ( 2013, See reason above ), I logged in from another PC. ( Ban Time: 12-14 days )

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: To be honest, there are people out there who are more suitable for this position then me. In fact, there is probably a handful of people on that list which have applied themselves. The thing is, people nowadays “Spam” main chat asking for any SAHA help regarding questions, Icon changes, etc. There are times, when none responds to these people, and that bothers me. Even when a SAHA is online and probably just drivin’ around, nobody responds to that person. Over the past couple of years I experienced / seen this a thousand times. Believe me, being SAHA can be hard sometimes.

    Why would I be suitable for SAHA? Well, I would love to bring some Knowledge of my own into the SAHA team. From experiences over the last couple of years, and maybe improve some things here and there. As a SAHA you should take time for the people that need u, and be Patient. “Patience is the key to success” as most people know. If someone needs me for a SAHA related task, I would listen to them, try to get as much information as possible and work out a solution that fits the situation. As my Daily job I work as a IT Manager, and have to deal with similar situations as in Quick Thinking. Every issue has its own solution, and I think I am qualified to do so. I believe I have the required qualifications to be a SAHA member, and assist the players if needed.

    • In-game name : Gladius .
    • Username : MiMo223 .
    • Age : 16 Yo .
    • Nationality : Algerien .
    • Previous bans/punishments : Adminjail from long Time ago .
    • Why you think you would be suitable for the role : I'm capable and i can take this job because I found that working as SAHA member is a good and great job in the server so I want to be SAHA wich i can help many peoples in Server and Forums, I welcome anyone and i deal with All players, i help them in their problems or anything wrong with them respectfully and smartly , i have the enough experience wich i learned by time in the server, i'm always active "In-game, Forums & Discord" and that give me a nice chance to be SAHA and I can match with all the requirements to i be a good SAHA Member.

    Kind Regards,
    alt text

  • game name: Zei
    Username: ahmed007007
    Age: 16
    Nationality: tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments: N/A
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role:
    I think i am good when it comes to housing and organising things also i am responsible enough to handle a role like this.Added to that i am avilable on forums 24h/7d and i think i can be available for the players at any time and i was kind of saha agent but in a gmod server and i was admin on it too so we can say that i am experineced with the organising side and dealing with this stuff

  • In-game name: Meister

    Username: plommeister89

    Age: 30

    Nationality: Swedish

    Previous bans/punishments: Banned 24h in my early days in 2012 for DM

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I've been playing at SAES since 2012 and I am well known with all rules and the housing rules / housing system.
    I do know how the server works by now.

    When I first saw that SAHA was recruiting I thought na, I'm not giving it a shoot but after a while I thought that I want to give it a shoot. As sais, I've been around here for like 6 years and I want to take a bigger role on the server and SAHA is a good step for that. I want to help old and new players in a way that suits me, and housing is my thing.

    I'm a trust worthy and a loyal member who puts everything into my job. If I get a commission I put 100% into it. I don't want to turn anyone down by doing a bad job.
    By hiring me you won't be disapointed.

  • In-game name: Una Kadavá

    Username: maxine66

    Age: 16

    Nationality: Czech

    Previous bans/punishments: Mutes for speaking other languages , and some adminjails long ago when i was still a new player.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Cause I am willing to offer my free time on saes to SAHA and help anyone that need their request to be sorted . I do know all rules and try follow it always , also I love help peoples and it's seems a nice way to contribute to the community .

  • In the name of the game: Mr Ruiz
    Username: Verdo
    Years: 17
    Mexican nationality
    Previous prohibitions / punishments: Adminjail without reason said delevery man only but was not valid.
    Why do you think you would be suitable for the role? I am quite active and willing to respond to user requests.

  • In-game name: Howlze
    Username: howlze
    Age: 26
    Nationality: Dane
    Previous bans/punishments: Let's not pretend like I haven't experienced my share of adventures. I have, undoubtedly, experienced a large number of punishments in the past. It was a major regretful moment for me in the past, and I have grown up on that, which I hope has been visual during my past few months on here again. There's a lot of proving to do, and I am trying my best, to help out where I can, everything from helping new players to helping around server-sided related subjects.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: As a person who has played on here for a little under a decade, I have experienced a lot. I know the server in-and-out, everything from the rules to how most - if not all - scripts work on here. Even though I may have been a little dick-ish in the past when it comes to the rules... Time changes a man! I have during my few months on here again, really taken a toll on myself, including doing my best to help the community with any questions or issues they may experience, both on the server, on the forums and also (mostly) on Discord. A major part that plays in, as to why I think I am suitable, is undoubtedly my knowledge of the server and my knowledge with the community.

  • In-game name Rianai / Riani
    Username Sinoriani
    Age 22 years old, 31/07/1997
    Nationality Tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments I got banned once for 1 week in 2011. It was for bug abusing it was by Rennie but you know being new and bad at English back to that period makes you an insane rulebreaker.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role I have been a SAES player since 2010/2011. I have met a lot of players and knew a lot of things, the housing system changed several times here and I do know how things work here. Also after those 9 years of being a normal player, I would like to give SAES some of my time to work for it and do useful things as I am fully active and I got enough time to do this duty, always on discord and 90% of my time in front my laptop. I would also count this as a payback for the huge fun and entertainment SAES provided me I'm really grateful for this server and I would like to give at least some of what it did give me.
    Additional information
    Ban appeal link:
    Forum account:

  • In-game name: Brondy
    Username: joseluisao123
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Turkey
    Previous bans/punishments: : I was banned long time ago because of multiaccounting. I was a new player and i really wasn't aware of F1 rules.(2013)
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I'm also active so it will be a benefit for saha. I think i have enough experience about the game, i love to helping people when i see them happy it makes me happy too. I am patient, i am good at communicating with people. Im playing "saes" since many years.I never applied before, but now im experianced thats why i decided to apply.I believe that I'm capable of taking this job, and serve it as best as I can. I believe the time has come, and I feel ready for it. It would be my honor to serve the SAHA.

  • In-game name

    • I'm known as Laza.


    • l4ki1


    • 21


    • I'm serbian nationalities.

    Previous bans/punishments

    • Actually, been banned twice, once for multiaccounting and some bug within jail, no clue how that happened, but everyhing has been explained, and I was okay. All sorted out since then.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role

    • I feel like that I'm quite ready to take this kind of job, and accept the obligation. I'm SAES player since the end of 2011's,and the beginning of 12', seen many things on SAES, learned from other players and so on, but always it's been fun for myself owning and searching good props, therefore that's one of the main reasons why I'm applying, I do love this kind of jobs, since it makes me more obligated within game and the job itself. Although, I have never gave up of playing the server, there might be some breaks due to my working and so on, but usually I'm active within game, but mostly on discord as I have that installed on my mobile.
  • In-game name: ZoRo
    Username: ZoRo124
    Age: 17
    Nationality: tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments: N/A
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: because i am active and SAHA need this. also i have many experience about the game, I know all server rules and i have an experience in game. i want to help the new and the old peoples in the server to make all happy and i will show all new peoples how to request a house when he see it incative. and i think i am ready for this Role i will do my best to be an active SAHA and help others to get new houses when he report it. also i speak 3 language some from Frensh, and i can said good at arabic and English.