Interested in joining SAHA? Apply here!

  • As a member of SAHA, you will be responsible for handling requests, dealing with any reports relating to housing & assisting players with any queries they may have.

    All community members are open to apply for the position. However, we ask you consider this position seriously before making an application. You should have a comprehensive understanding of the current housing rules, as well as proven & consistent activity across the board (ingame, forum & discord). You will be expected to be a team player who acts with integrity at all times. If this doesn't sound like you, you need not apply as you will not be considered.

    If you're interested, please reply to this topic with the following info:

    • In-game name
    • Username
    • Age
    • Nationality
    • Previous bans/punishments
    • Why you think you would be suitable for the role

    Applications will be assessed regularly and you will be notified if you have been successful.

  • In-game name: BS|Pitty
    Username: karimdg
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Belgian
    Previous bans/punishments: The last ban i actually can remember is that i got banned by Brophy for insulting him; Got adminjailed for deathmatching
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I would like to join the current San Andreas Housing Agency, like i mentioned in my previous applications, i always wanted to do something for the community, and i hope i can do this in this way.. I must admit it, i'm not a housing guy, last time i requested an inactive property, was somewhere in 2017 if i'm not wrong, but i hope in this way i can learn a lot about housing, and help others with it!

    Greetings, Pitty

  • In-game name : M7mod - [AA]M7mod
    Username : mahmoud1824
    Age : 20
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Previous bans/punishments : Hella a lot back in days - Last one was on 2015.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I think I can be suitable for this role because I'm active, I like to help players a lot and assist them. I know that admins and staffs are busy with more things ingame, so I think I could help to handle housing related tasks, also I've been here since 2013 so I know how things work and I'm aware of the rules and what should be done to avoid mistakes. To add, I'm also a hardworking person who likes to focus on his tasks in order to do them in a good way to meet the standards. I also want to help the community by something useful I can do. I'm also active on discord and forums besides the game, which you can reach my anytime even if im not ingame.

  • In-game name: Ziad
    Username : ziadtarek2
    Age : 16
    Nationality : Egyptian
    Previous bans/punishments: N/A
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I like to Join San andreas Housing Agency to Help the people in the House problems and To help the server Things so i saw the adv From the admin in the server so i apply to be a member in SAHA , i imagine alot that im Saha . and when i saw the adv i say in my mind that i hope that i can continue in this way , im also active at MTA and , discord so you can reach me any time

  • In-game name: MarksMan
    Username: frickovviktor
    Age: 20
    Nationality: macedonian
    Previous bans/punishments: Yes but old, asking Bone and Rennie to join in CLO back in 2011 and the other one because my bro had server that was with scripts from mtasa we shared our PC.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: To be honest to make people get in trouble like me! I have few houses and business and due to my inactivity I'm in -$ also -1,4m. Help the Community and others mates in SAHA

  • In-game name Glayd
    Username pasha656
    Age 16 year old
    Nationality Ukrainian
    Previous bans/punishments nope
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role i think because i have big online in day,i am ready help to anyone players with inactive house buy,and i am old player saes (started play about 5 year ago)

  • In-game name: [CDC]RikKi
    Username: king100
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Italien but i live in tunisia
    Previous bans/punishments: banned ( reason : impersonating someone )
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Such job requires experience in knowing how the game works and the whole map of San Andreas, as SAHA agents we should be able to offer knowledge about the Housing rules and the whole system we can clearly see working in this server nowadays. SAHA agents shouldn't abuse their status or housing panel as well so I think I can do their job wisely and consciously to help whoever requests it. I like to help the new and old players of this server and I'm pretty mature as well, I'm friendly and funny and that's what I think the SAHA agents should be able to offer as an "extra addition" when they're called by someone who needs their help, The agent have to make him sure that he chosen the right guy to help him and that's possible by acting like the way I said above. That's what I can offer and that's why I think I'm suitable.

  • In-game name: PsyGhost
    Username: thepsyghost
    Age: 20 y.o.
    Nationality: Russian
    Previous bans/punishments: Yeah i got one long time ago cuz i was young and noob.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Well i think it would be interest to me to do saha staff job. So if something is interesting for me - i'll be good at it.

  • In-game name : Dufabo
    Username : dufabo1900
    Age : 19 years old
    Nationality : Russian
    Previous bans/punishments : Back in times.That was....2013 one of my gangmates used a grenade on event which was hosted by an admin.Whole gang was banned for it.Once got banned by Bambook for an hour,because i was annoying him in pm.Also,there were some adminjails.One of it was by Danny for killing him on the roof of jail for no reason.Can't remember anymore honestly.And few mutes for speaking Russian in main chat
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role : I think that I am suitable for the role of SAHA agent because of my experience on SAES.I am a player of SAES for a long 5 years and I know how SAES works.I do use different ways of communication like Discord,steam,forums etc,so it's not hard to find me online.Also i am a useful person.I do like to help people while I'm spawned as LWS or just to answer their questions about a server.I never try to avoid my job and trying to finish it as fast as I can to don't leave it aside for a long time.People on SAES knows how useful I am and how responsible,so if i will get SAHA i will not avoid their requests and will try to sort it as soon as possible.

  • In-game name: Stoolth
    Username: davidd123
    Age: 16 years old
    Nationality: Israeli
    Previous bans/punishments: none
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I'm active and autistic :^)

  • In-game name: Squad3
    Username: squad3
    Age: 21
    Nationality: Slovenian
    Previous bans/punishments: None
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I am fairly active within SAES, as I spend my days with either ALT or SAFD's colleagues. I've always been on the helping side of things, I try and provide all of the people around SAES an equal helpful and fun environment. SAHA Employees should be an example to the group and the general public, as knowing the housing rules and providing houses to those that request them (Providing they follow the guidelines). I would also be a great addition to the already existing teamwork enviroment that resides in SAHA.

  • In-game name: OC|>Mrwan
    Username: Jaycee2015
    Age: 17, Will turn to 18 this September
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Previous bans/punishments: None, I was punished ones by Tbds when he was an admin, I was still new to the server, he kicked me out of the server because I was fighting with someone.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I am suitable for this role because I am very active In game, and I always love to help everyone, I am suitable for this position because I've always wanted to be SAHA member and help people with their Issues, as I said In my last application as well that I am not Into requesting properties and etc, I also got banned once from housing and all my properties was taken away before, But I don't really remember the reason, maybe I wanted to sell something over the maximum price or something, I don't really remember.. However I'd love to help everyone with their requests and etc, I know I might not have the best reputation out there but I am sure that I can help everyone out even If they treated me badly, I don't really care as long as I am doing my job, and hopefully this will help me fixing some of my reputation with anyone.

    Cheers, Mrwan.

  • Deleted

  • In-game name: Carter
    Username: choosen7
    Age: I'm 19 years old but im going to 20 soon
    Nationality : Turkey
    Previous bans/punishments : I haven't been banned or punishments before
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role : Because I think I have the features that are wanted for sahas.I am constantly active in the game and am willing to help people. I mean, as I've seen in the game before, some people are looking around for SAHA members, but maybe the SAHA members can't help because they don't have time but I don't want to be like this, I want to help everyone in the game when I can and solve their problems. I think I'm patient enough, and I think I can help everyone in the game as a SAHA, and I can prove it to you. If I could be a part of the SAHA , you'd see it.I mean, I'm not gonna make a sentence like I'm not a SAHA member, I'm gonna help them all.

  • In-game name: Legend
    Username: topman
    Age: I'm 21 years old
    Nationality: Ukrainian
    Previous bans/punishments: I was banned once for starting solo br
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I'm active in game and always up to help the other players. That's pretty easy to get me in game tho. I always keep an eye on the chat and check discord every 5 minutes/same goes for the site. As I can also see there's lack of free/active SAHA members in game and I'd be glad to have a chance to help them fix that. In addition I got to say that I'm responsible enough to fit the role and would do my best to approve that I deserve to be SAHA agent.

  • In-game name Julio
    Username Percoso
    Age 20
    Nationality Brazzilian
    Previous bans/punishments Banned back in 2013(multiple accounts)
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I am responsible and mature enough to handle this job.

  • In-game name: Steve
    Username: kazmet
    Age: 17 yo
    Nationality: Tunisian
    Previous bans/punishments: Banned by mistake
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: Well, I think that i'm suitabe for the role because the knowledge i already have will therefore help me with future. The least service that you can offer to your community is helping them as SAHA also a thing we need. you should always be ready for anything. i will help people with my knowledge and my experience in this area to make it stronger from currently. So yeah, the SAHA seems intriguing to me, it'd be nice if i could get it.

  • In-game name: [AA]Combine most of the time.

    Username: My account name is “sapience” — Old French word that means “good taste, good sense, intelligence, or wisdom” for the curious.

    Age: I’m 23 years old — Born the 18th of November of 1994.

    Nationality: I’m Spanish, although that doesn’t interfere much at my English language skills.

    Previous bans/punishments:

    • First ban happened on 2010 when I crashed a plane into an event and got instantly banned by Razvan after that, something which happened due to me not knowing the rules.

    • Second ban was only a 24 hour ban punishment by zZenom on 2011 because I got mad with Jolardy at him, as his SoA guys were having an argument with us at main chat about LS turf zones, and of course I was at the wrong side so I ended like that.

    • The third and last ban happened on 2014 when Sam-B caught me having multiple accounts, an account to play civilian, another to play cop side, and my main to play criminal, by far one of the most stupid actions I have committed here, of which I’m absolutely not proud and wouldn’t happen to be such foolish again.

    Past months I also had one adminjail by System for a report which was not really valid to me, as I threw a grenade to myself after killing a couple of cops that were after me, and a cop that wasn’t chasing me also known as Richard, appeared at that very moment, and followed a report saying I avoided him which I didn't had the need to do so.

    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: I consider myself enough experienced within the server to take a role of such weight, since I’m around here for almost 8 years, and I have been watching other SAHAs from the very first moment the concept was brought. Even though we are at a game I would take the role 100% serious, with a joy & mature attitude enough to fulfill the tasks, which are giving full attention to those who are in need of requesting an inactive owner’s property at Inactive Property Requests section, or sorting out Icon Requests which as I for example see they are currently closed, or overall being responsible of the common SAHA tasks that Shaun has mentioned in this topic.

    I offer my availability to be at Discord (#saes_housing_agency), forums (SAHA section), & in-game (keeping an eye at main chat) always focused on giving help to those who are in need of SAHA assistance. So I would freely say that if the chance is given, not to abuse any of the powers given to me but on the contrary, use them for the good cause and purpose by all means. Besides, I would like to have this role to get the nice opportunity of showing that I can put effort like anyone else, considering the fact too that I can put time.
    What moves me to this application is the pure fact of being helpful in a greater way, to me honestly it's just a matter of being less limited and having a bigger task.

    So I see myself suitable due to having enough time, will, and much love to put on the job as that’s how I would take it, as a job inside the community to get the best out of me and be of the most help possible to others in what SAHA is involved. Also, I’m a mentally stable person and don’t let any emotions stand between my duty and anything else, although having a new task takes time and effort, that doesn’t mean there’s not time to enjoy the game without harming anything or anyone, by far to me the most important for a community to thrive, is respect. Quick Edit: I'd like to say about the fact that SAHA is a civilian type class, even though I'm part of a criminal gang I would take priority on being unwanted most of the time so I wouldn't lose time searching for a bribe each time to help someone comes. Enough words I guess, bringing these words to life is what really matters.

  • In-game name:Element
    Age: 21.10
    Nationality: Israeli
    Previous bans/punishments: None
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role: So first of all I am a player / person with extensive experience in everything related to SAES: RPG and MTA: SA, I am a very patient, professional, and considerate person, of course I am a very friendly and loyal person, I take every job professionally and very seriously, also I'm an veteran SAES:RPG players (2010) that has alot of knowledge with everything that concerning the SAES: RPG, And I'm sure I'll be fit for this job in any way, and I hope you'll give me the opportunity to prove it.

  • In-game name:John
    Previous bans/punishments: I've never been banned.
    Why you think you would be suitable for the role:Good question and I've got good answers to give you. First of all, I've been seeking for this chance for a long time it's a fact. Besides this, I see myself responsible person I'm currently leading a decent squad on the server and I had many other experiences like that. However, even those things made me bored after all these years. I haven't got any absolute purpose to do in the game rather than squad and lws stuff. So it would be a very good position for me and may give me another chance to find another purpose for my gameplay and I assume that, I can easily resist pressure on me. I know this job is not that easy, you have to deal with hundreds of people and it may give you hard times however like I said above it will give me another purpose to continue my journey in SAES. These are some facts why I'm applying to this position but it's not over yet I have more things to tell you, I'm currently studying P&R and Advertising in University so you can guess that I have more experience with communication skills more than normal people so I see it another advantage for myself and I'd like to use that skill for that volunteer job