Generation X
By MeDai1, in Gangs

    In-game name & Age : MeDai 16
    Account name : mohamed70
    Nationality & Timezone : Tunisia (UTC+1)
    Gender : Male
    Language skills? : 7/10
    Tell us about yourself :
    How long have you been playing on SAES? : 2-3 years
    Previous organisation(s) and leaving cause(s) : BS: dead
    CDS: I was the vice leader but I left because I had some problems with the leader
    Playtime : around 720h
    Previous punishments on the server? ( If so, details please ) : adminjailed for DM
    Previous bans? ( If so, details please ) : Yes, multia counting
    Are you part of any groups, if so which? : N/A
    List your strengths: loyality, driving, friendly
    List your weaknesses: lags, shooting(sometimes), anger (in rare cases)
    3.WHY US
    Define Generation X : it's a special gang because they don't need guns to spread fear ,they just use thier capability and Thier brains to proof that they exist and that they are ready to do any dirty job for money such as blackmailing, hacking...
    Why should we invite you into Generation X & how could you benefit us? : I think that I'm capable to lead this gang to success and I believe that with faith and hardwork it'll be special.
    Do you have any unique abilities that you can bring within the gang? : my experience and my loyality
    Did anyone recommend you to apply or do you have any friends inside the gang? : Yes, Mrwan did and I do have some friends
    Any additional information we may need to know? : i this what i said is enough

  • @MeDai1 ACCEPTED, Welcome aboard.