Ingame Name: Zlatan
Account Name: Doris
Age: 21
Nationality: Tunisian
Primary Language: Arabic
Other Languages you speak: English , french


First Name: Dark
Surname: Viper
Any Middle names: N/a
Age: 35
DOB: (DD/MM/YY) 1 January 1985
Sex: Male

Are you a citizen of the USA: yes
Were you born in the USA: yes
Previous Convictions: i dont have an official fixed identity so nthg .

Short backstory (500 words max):


How long have you been playing MTA: 5 years but i was inactive .
How long have you been playing SAES: RPG: 4 years but i was inactive .
Group memberships:

  • the company
  • CS
  • Cluck
    Previous bans or admin jails: an adminjail due to ''arrest avoid'' , i forget if i have previous aj and 0 ban .
    Why do you wish to join the SSCS: i want to join SSCS because im interested to work in darkness and secretly to assure the safety of the government staff and the white house, and protect their secrets jobs .
    Why should we accept you: well im a mature person with a good experience in saes i can help sscs well in their job, i can say that im a loyal and active one too i can assure that i will keep all the government secrets safe and come in time when they need me .