Decrease Jail Time

  • @Gengar said in Decrease Jail Time:

    Bit late to the party and as far as I heard, this has already happened. I'll share my opinion about it anyway, since topic is still not locked.

    Instead of decreasing time, it would be better to remap prison interior and give it some activities players can enjoy. Remove cells and make it all one big room where everyone can interact with one another and not place where people spawn in claustrophobic cells. And the more people are in one cell, the scarier it gets. Maybe leave one tiny cell the size of current one, which can't be opened in any way. Maybe to even be a hanging from ceiling cage, like one for strippers in clubs, which sole purpose would be to keep players jailed trough admin panel.
    As far as activities go, add basketball in jail yard, boxing matches 1 vs 1 for money (same resource as for gym, just add 2 additional markers in jail), some pool for relaxing, ball pool, video games, lobby with sofas,... Why not even throwing paper balls and used toilet paper at admin jailed players? There is like a quantilion ideas what to do to make jail interesting place. With all that, rise jail time to 20 minutes for 42 stars, noone will complain about it.

    yes bro, only problem with ur idea is that this is saes and ideas like yours are accepted but never added 😞

  • Suggestion has been approved and implemented.