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    It is very simple
    -Not to commit illegal crimes
    -Read the rules well
    mastered money laundering. Money laundering is usually used in the CDS using several methods of washing in San Andreas. They are gambling and black salaries. Furthermore, we are known to provid
    /kmH96l5.pnge jobs for the elderly, veterans, the poor and homeless, as well as cover some of their illegal jobs, such as drug sales, arms trafficking and theft. That's why yakuza likes citizens too. yakuza is also known for narrow friendships in government to do business effectively.

    Gambling ,Black salaries: using services for this method. Money is spent on gambling, preferably on higher odds. One way to minimize risk with this method is to bet on every possible exit of some event where there are many possible outcomes and no consequences have short odds the bettor will only lose the tigerish and will have a winning bet that can be shown as the source of money should be this requested. A company may have unregistered employees without a written contract and pay them cash salaries. There are more than 150 employees ready to work as unregistered whenever they needed. Cartel Da Sinaloa using dirty money to pay their salaries and cover it up.

    Our internal Sectors: Drugs dealers /arms dealers, Robbers, Carjackers. This is our profit fountain distributed by a lot of sectors in order to invest on better quality equipment for work and for the generally gang growth.

    Robbers, Carjackers: We had the ability to steal everything, shops, banks, anything that can bring advantage to us, somehow we can control difficult situations and maintain them well, when the money runs out, and we need a good amount of money then we steal the banks. We are professional in stealing cars without leaving any suspicious objects / tip, it's the next generation of car theft, we are very good at stealing cars.

    Arms Dealers : We specialize in arms trade with good qualities and low prices. We imported the weapons in the whole of San Andreas, and we bought schemes from different countries so that we could make better and stronger weapons than others.

    Drugs Dealers: We have had great experience in producing such things, especially in drug cultivation, we make pure drugs from crabs and other things. According to research, the drug addiction rate was accepted by 30% of people in the whole SA. After reaching 48%, another San Andreas military study found that
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    Leader(HQ team) = Level 5 ~ |L
    (The Leader is who responsible for everything.)

    Vice(HQ team) = Level 4 ~ |VL
    (The Vice Leader is who helping to the Leader to control the whole gang.)

    Head Quarter (HQ team) = Level 4 ~ |HQ
    (The Headquarter is who ability to make joint decisions with other heads in the absence the leaders.)


    Manager = Level 3~ |MG
    (The Manager is who had worked hard for the cartel and which will be showing his skills towards higher ranks to let them make the final decision.)

    Respected = Level 3~ |R
    (the Respected who have studies that help "Manager" in their work. They specialize in cracking, computer engineering and explosives. They were categorized after strengthening their capabilities: weapons specialist, drug specialist, cracker specialist..)


    Especialista = Level 3~ |E
    (the Especialista who make and sell arms, drugs, especially making counterfeit money and are in the process of developing their ability to help managers.)


    Enforcer soldier = Level 2 ~ |ES
    (Very quick soldiers from the cartel make them able to transport drugs and arms across the country's borders, escape the police and create deviations. Their main task is to import goods from foreign areas.)

    Scout = Level 2~ |S
    (The Scout are the guys who kills people to to change some money-stealing. He is also the director of the killings.)

    Believers = Level 1 ~ |B
    (The believers are their task limited to protecting the base and the heads of the yakuza).

    Upper Member = Level 1~ |UM
    (The Upper Member is the ones who have just been classified as a beginner, and are now trying to understand our main role.)

    Member = Level 0~ |M
    (the First rank is who just pyassed his probation, deserves to be a full member.)


    Probie = Level 0~ yakuza name
    ( new member welcomed by the gang, his appointment passed with positive results.)

    Very important persons
    (They who helps the gang without being in the gang)


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