Pay to reduce the jail time?

  • one sr = ~40k, how thefuck new players cant have enough money for this like old players? + old players spended time for theyr money anyways = they deverse the chance to use it. i mean many people lives in germany long enough to have bigass 3x family houses, why thefuck they dont give some rooms for free to refuges? why new workers should earn less than someone working for 20y? this logic mens.. and goal of a game is to have fun, if want punishment for crimes, go as real cop & punish real crimes, they deverse it for real (not all though)

  • Bartman the merciful

  • @Crash To be honest, I thought about this for a couple days now and I have changed my mind to a some degree. If I was a criminal, it wouldn't be fun to afk for 7 minutes. However, my problem is throwing money at this thing. But I think there are better alternatives out there, like doing something for those 7 minutes.

  • All alternatives need heavy scripting and possibility of finding bugs or other methods to find way to get out earlier or to use f1 im stuck. They also would maybe lesser the amount of jailbreaks, and don't affect economy in positive way

  • add basketball, i think original gta had basketball skript, but only one basket & 1vs1 or 2vs2, winner gets out : D