[GXT Application] Escobar [ACCEPTED]

      Nickname: Escobar
      User name: verdo
      Age: 17 years old
      Gender: Male
      Current band/square: CDS
      Current Groups: N/A
      Previous Groups (List reasons, abandoned or expelled): N/A

      Why would you like to join our company? I like trucks and if the high council allows me I will show you loyalty and clearly all my respect.
      Can you offer anything special? I can offer activities such as loading or just role-playing and whatever headquarters decides to take care of.
      Which division do you prefer? Trucks or maintenance? (indicate why): Truck Driver
      I love driving trucks and if I'm going to spend time on it, why not spend it on this promising company.

      What does role-playing mean? It is a real-life act in which a truck driver is stopped by a federal police officer for a routine inspection and if everything is in order, he lets go.
      What do you do if someone insults you in the main chat room? It's not worth fighting with people like that, just ignore them and play your game.
      What do you do if someone hits you with death?
      First I try to understand him for the reason that he has done it, if he is a troll I won't hesitate to report him.
      Additional information: I like the company and I hope they will take me into account.

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    Activity number: #1
    GXT member: @Audi
    Deliveries: Creek ~ Mount Chilliat

  • Global Express Trucking Co.
    Company HQ Management


    Thanks for applying to Global Express Trucking, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to proceed with you. Please, contact GXT HQ+ in-game to receive entry interview. Good luck!

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    GXT HQ.