Reporting SAES>Teddy for unfair adminjail

  • Well, Some days ago I got 2 adminjails for the same reason (arresting at admin event) First time by Teddy I didn't know that it was an admin event, It was at SAP cave DE vs SAP, and then after the adminjail, I went to the hospital at Whetstone next to SAP cave, I saw 2 criminals selling to each other, I arrested them then I logged off to play another game, When I logged in, I got adminjailed for arresting at admin event, I talked with Teddy and I asked him why I got adminjailed while I was at the hospital and not the admin event, He didn't respond while he were playing and that means he is ignoring me, I really don't know why I got adminjail for arresting at admin event while I was at hospital and not at the event, And I remember that I arrested Kybalion at the hospital, And I have a witness, @Orchestra Saw the adminjail.
    Screenshot: alt text

  • This post is deleted!
  • Since you mentioned me, I have no idea why, you arrested more than 5 people at the event more than 3 times in a row even when you were warned not to, wherever it was, it was an event sponsored by administrators and when you did it for the 4th time, you got out of the game to avoid punishment again, don't lie kid or your mom will disconnect your wifi.

  • I would assume you got arrested by @Teddy for the forementioned reason.

    Get over it and don't attend events until you understand the event rules.