WenDo's Application for ZIP

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    The following content is the application, if you are being annoyed of reading and just want to check out my projects, skip the whole topic and go to the next post, there are starting the project, you won't find any project in the topic.

    Personal Informations - Part 1

    Real name: Filip
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Macedonian
    Country of residence: Germany
    Languages spoken: Macedonian, English, German
    English skills: My English isn’t the best but still I’m understanding everything and I think everyone does understand me, I’m trying to improve it every day by talking a lot. I would rate it at 7/10.
    Tell me about yourself ( real life ) :
    Hello, My name is Filip and I’m 16 years old, I will be on 11th of January 17. I was born in Macedonia in the year 2003, I also lived in Macedonia till I was 10. My dad moved to Germany and a year later I moved too. Firstly I was in a class in which was specialized on learning the language, after some months I’ve been moved to a normal class and now I’m on a Gymnasium and have 3 more years on it. The first time I played video games was when I was 6, my cousin downloaded Memo32 on my PC and then we started playing it all day long. At the moment I only play FIFA and MTA, those 2 games are my favorites. Beside of playing video games, I got other hobbies too, I like driving motorbike and cars, I like playing football even I’m doing it at the moment almost never.

    In-game role Informations - Part 2

    Nickname: WenDo
    Daily playtime: I actually play it daily many hours, under the week I would say I play around 4-6 hours and on the weekend, I play around 10 hours per day.
    RP Skills: My roleplay skills are pretty good, I like making long and quality stories, but for sure there is place for improvement and I do improve them too.
    Building Skills: I would define them as: good, Sometimes I got cool ideas and I do create crazy stuff but there are also times when I don’t have ideas but I think that’s normal. I’m still improving it and you can follow them in the following posts with activities.
    How long do you play SAES:
    I’m playing it for about 9 years, I started back in 2011 when my cousin installed me on my already playing San Andreas the addon MTA, He used to teach me how to join the server and some rules of it. I started playing and was in my cousin’s squad “Balkan Spies”, I was coming and going from 2011 to 2015, I can’t really remember what I was doing in that time.

    Server Memberships:
    - Medellin Cartel - Leader
    - Cunning Stunts - HQ
    - Demon Disciples MC - Road Captain

    Tell me something about yourself ( in-game ) :
    Well, at the moment I’m at the criminal side because I’m in a gang called Medellin Cartel which I lead with my cousins. Besides of the criminal side which I’ve chosen, I often play as Delivery Man, Trucker and Worker, I like building with Worker. Sometimes It is annoying because the list of the objects is very short and the limit that you can place only 60 objects, but it still makes fun and when you have a ZIP member which helps you, then it is really much fun. As I said above, I’m also a HQ of Cunning Stunts, and I do like my position very much, I like hanging around with wannabes and chill with the cool cars we have. My history is very long which I can tell a little bit of, I was apart of the gangs: B~B, T~C, OC( I may have been in others too but I forgot them), I only was in one squad and that was STF and the only company was ALT( back in the days, when it was a company ). That’s the whole story about my in-game role, I may forget something but I tried to make it short.

    Interesting for ZIP - Part 3

    Have you ever worked with the panel: I’ve worked couple of times with the panel, I do still need time to improve my skills but I’m learning everyday and with the help of some ZIP members it is going faster.
    Reason for joining:
    The reason if want to join ZIP is very simple, there aren’t many groups that make much fun on the server, as I like to build and ZIP is able to build and has a great members, I would like to be part of it. I have many ideas about projects and I’m trying to actualize them and with the help of some members I think it’s not going to be hard.
    Reason for choosing you:
    I’m sure I would fit good in the members list, because I’m very friendly and I like working in teamwork, I would love to do Roleplays and some buildings with the other members and have much fun.

    That’s my application, I hope you enjoyed it and make sure to check out the following posts aka the activities.

    How to post? for me only!

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    Count: #1
    Title: Treehouse
    Date of Creation: 07.01.2020
    ZIP Member: @MarksMan
    Detailed Informations: I got the idea to build a treehouse and MarksMan agreed to help me, so we built one 🙂
    Screens: https://imgur.com/a/qKAG3rt

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    Count: #2
    Title: Futuristic Fast Food Restaurant with Rooftop Parking
    Date of Creation: 10.01.2020
    ZIP Member: @MarksMan
    Detailed Informations: I had the idea to build a fast-food restaurant with a parking which is in the second floor, with the help of MarksMan. I could finalise my project.
    Screens: https://imgur.com/a/4RMoBgh

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    Count: #3
    Title: Open-Air Swimming Pool
    Date of Creation: 11.01.2020
    ZIP Member: @MarksMan
    Detailed Informations: As the next summer season gets sooner, we wanted to prepare for it and build an unique and modern-looking open-air swimming poo.
    Screens: https://imgur.com/a/q6S6lZo

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    Count: #4
    Title: Gym
    Date of Creation: 14/01/2020
    ZIP Member: @MarksMan
    Detailed Informations: Started planing it on a piece of paper with a blueprint and realized it with the help of Marks.

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    Count: #5
    Title: Renovating old building
    Date of Creation: 09/02/2020
    ZIP Member: @MarksMan
    Detailed Informations: We've decided to renovate the Drugs dealer's base and give it a new fresh look.