Movement slow / Climb interrupt

  • Here's a feasible suggestion, and I think a lot of cops and crims can relate to this. When a criminal is abusing the climb to evade being tased, there is not much we cops can do but let him climb and then let him run away. Best we can do is tase him when gets up. But even then, he's long gone and climbs another roof. And this just continues unless he kills you with a combat shotgun while you climb the roof he climbed.

    Suggestion to this problem is introducing climb interrupt function, where upon taking damage or being tased, the climb is interrupted and the player falls back to where he started the climb. At the very least, the tase should work if player is climbing. There is no reason why it should not.

    Another suggestion is implementing a movement speed debuff upon % of health missing. So if a criminal shoots me while I am chasing, I shouldnt be able to run like nothing happen. Applying a rubber bullet effect would be more realistic and add new layer to chasing a criminal/being chased. Should be more realistic and make food/medics more important, as then players would not be running around with half of their HP missing. At <10% health, a player could only walk.

  • also the climbing buggs randomly when tazed, sometimes u climb over wall tazed, freeze tazed while climb or freeze tazed before wall, in all cases hits black dildo against wall = rip

    the second suggest will rip cops & turfs & events

  • A criminal can still be tased while climbing, the hitbox changes but it's doable.

  • Wait holdup the only way to counter rubber shotgun is to climb on buildings

    You sir suck if you cannot arrest someone with all the current gadgets you have step up your game

  • @Licano said in Movement slow / Climb interrupt:

    A criminal can still be tased while climbing, the hitbox changes but it's doable.

    It is indeed the only problem is when the wall is high the criminal stays tazed in a unreachable position, anyways it's something that happens a very small ammount of times. After all this beeing said i don't see the need of changes i also belive that it does not interferes that much in the game play.