Al - Munazama | المنظمة

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    This account belongs to Al - Muzanama's leaders

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    2011 - The Syrian Revolution

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    A family called Mahdi's Family were living in one of the syrian streets at a big old house, this family worked for years in the field of the explosives industry, selling Primitive homemade explosives, and selling it to the rebels and the civilians.. Their business started to grow after the revolution began, the amount of people who buy explosives were increased, they decided to open their own factory at Hamad Desert, Unfortunately, after some period of success, the Syrian police could know their location and they arrested a large number of members of the family

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    2013 - The New Life

    After what the family met.. The rest of the family who could escape decided to travel to San Andreas, America to continue their business, after they arrived.. they wanted to start the business again but they didn't want to fall in the same situation as the rest of the family, one of the old brothers of the family suggested a great idea to keep the eye of the police and the media away of their business, they decided to do a lot of rebel activities around the city under the name of Al - Munazama which means the organization in English..

    2013 - Al - Munazama

    They started to recruit other Syrian Refugees in San Andreas and training them well, they could buy a fair amount of basic weapons to spread the riot and the mess in San Andreas streets, they started growing and growing, and the business of the family started to grow without the interference of the police, and till now, 2018, they are recruiting more guys

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    2018 - The American Police
    Al-Munazama was passing by it's worst time, since most of its members were jailed during a failed attempt to attack Los Santos jail and do a jailbreak, some of those members were under a big pressure by the police so they betrayed Al-Munazama and gave the police some informations about us which made it easier for them to arrest more of us.

    One day, the American police has known where were Al-Munazama's members hiding, they raided their hideout at Bone County where some members were hiding including Al -Rayies, Mahmoud Mahdi, that was the worst day ever in the Al-Munazama's history.. The police started opening fire and Al-Munazama were defending, some members were hurt and some were killed, but we never expected what happened.. Al-Rayies was killed! Once Mahmoud Mahdi has been shot his brother, Mosaad, ordered everybody to retreat and escape, and they found another place to hide at.

    2019 - Back In Action
    Mosaad has taken over his brother's place, he was thinking about taking revenge for his brother and achieve Al-Munazama's main target, he started recruiting more Syrian refugees in San Andreas and training them well so what happened don't happen again.. Now, Al-Munazama is stronger, bigger, more dangerous! and they will keep working for their target...

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    Group Name: Al - Munazama

    Group Tags: Rank.Name|M

    Founders: Brondy, ViRuSLN and Blue

    Motto Riot, Blood, Money, Fire - الشغب، الدم ،المال، النار

    Color Code: #873138

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    From Syria, To America..

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    In bief Mahdi's family's only target is money, whatever what is the way, we look forward to grow Mahdi's business by helping with keeping all the eyes away from their business, we can do everything, burning, murdering, kidnapping, slaughtering, jailbreaking.. etc, our target is to increase number of the rebels in Al - Munazama, Dispersing the police is the best way to free up a space for the family for their business, and terrorism is the only thing that can disperse the American's government, and to spread the fear in the whole San Andreas!

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    Note: If you still think that we are related with terrorism or Jihad, then you have to go back and read our backstory and our target.

    Criminal Activity: As stated in the Our Target section, we do anything for keeping all the eyes away from Mahdi's Family business, we can kidnap, kill, burn, jailbreak.. And more!

    Fuel Smuggling (Side role): At a visit to Mahdi's family house.. Mosaad, Al-Munazama Leader, was informed that the family won't be fully supporting the organization from now on, so Al-Munazama had to find another way for having a good income so they can afford their equipment and requirements. After some discussion, Al-Munazama leaders agreed on starting the business of fuel smuggling which will help a lot in getting enough money for the equipment.

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    @ViRuSLN / Ryis.Mosaab|M

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    Nayeb of Al - Rayies


    @Blué / Nayeb.Abdullah|M

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    Chief Of Operations


    @Reggi / Chief.Bashir|M

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    Manager Of Planning


    @Adistar / Mngr.Abdelmalik|M

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    High Council


    @Harb / Mngr.Omar|M


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    @zaza / Shwsh.Madeha|M

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    @Xavier / Askry.Ali|M

    @Mickey / Askry.Sharmouta|M

    @Nord / Mstjd.Sayyaf|M

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    @Nishki / Mstjd.Mokhtar|M

    @Faysal / Mstjd.Sadaam|M

    @Kim / Mstjd.Sawsen|M

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    Before trying to apply for us, you must be sure that you meet these requirements:

    • Must be active ingame and on discord.
    • Must know that we are not a terrorist or a Jihad group. If you wanna join this kind of groups then we aren't what you are looking for.
    • Must have good English skills.
    • Must have good roleplaying skills
    • If you were lucky and have been accepted you must follow the rules and obey the management team and join all the activities hosted by them unless you are really busy.

    If you are sure that you meet the requirements above, then you must put these things in consider while you are writing your application:

    • Try to be creative in formatting your applications and keep the formatting simple at the same time.
    • When you search for a photo for a rebel on google please type in the search bar "Rebel" and not "Terrorist", we don't wanna see ISIS photos in your application please.
    • Your story must include that you are a Syrian refugee, and your name must be the same name you will use in our roleplays (RP Name) and we prefer using Arabic names, if you don't know one you can ask any Arab guys you know or you can contact @ViRuSLN and ask him to suggest a name for you.
    • The last and the most important thing PLEASE read our topic.

    After reading this if you feel that you are ready for writing the application you can use the form in the spoiler, Good luck!

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  • Part 1 - Player Info

    Ingame nick: FireFox

    Real Name: Mahmoud Elnashar

    Account name: firefox201791

    Nationality: Egypt

    Rate your English Skills (0/10): 7

    Current Organization: None

    Current Group List: IAC,PC and Cuban Cars.

    Player 2 - Role-Play Info

    Rate your RP skills (0/10): 8

    Talk about your RP experience: i have a huge Role-Playing experience due the fact that i was teaching people how to RP properly in my Ex-Squad ( SAPA ), also i really love to be creative in my Rp's and i don't write a scenario or anything i love to live the moment and act just like real life.

    Write a short RP story related to rebels: Today I'm going to talk about Mahmoud Elnashar, Mahmoud was an instructor in the San Andreas Police Academy, Mahmoud was fooling the instructors and the cadets in this academy by teaching the cadets and behaving like a real cop the fact was that Mahmoud was actually a rebel in Al-Qaeda, Mahmoud left that squad after feeling that he is going to get caught But Mahmoud is trying to get a job in another squad but not as an instructor this time but as an agent, Mahmoud took a huge part in many armed store robberies and public terrorism.

    Add a photo of a rebel please:

    Edit: sadly i left due to being a member of Desert Eagles, good luck in the future men.

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  • Part 1 - Player Info
    Ingame nick: BlaZZey
    Real Name: Markus
    Account name: kalevipoeg
    Nationality: Estonian
    Rate your English Skills (0/10): 7.5/10
    Current Organization: Special Task Force
    Current Group List: TMH, KTN and IAC.

    Player 2 - Role-Play Info
    Rate your RP skills (0/10): 8-9/10.
    Talk about your RP experience: Quite good since I am the HQ of TMH and that requires amazing roleplaying skills, I have also been complemented by a lot of people about my roleplaying skills. And, RP is one of my passions and I love roleplaying.

    Write a short RP story related to rebels:

    Beginning of the rough childhood.
    Ahmed Capitanjo was born in 1994 and he was born in Syria, there was a lot of war and he was scared of his life because he could have died any moment since the war activity was so high and there were terrorists everywhere with RPGs, UZIs and AK-47s. But, all of a sudden he got inspired to become one of them and start a rebel army himself with his schoolmates and they all agreed with them. The army was called: Localo Emiras and it evolved around, rape, kidnapping, rebel activities, riots and so on.

    Current day.
    They moved to San Andreas and started their own Revolutionary Army called: Social Revolutionary Army. And they started so many riots, jailbreaks and caused so much chaos but eventually, the Commanders and Coronels retired and stepped down from their position and Ahmed was left alone so he decided to close the army.

    Add a photo of a rebel please:
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  • @FireFox @BlaZZey After viewing your applications, we'd like to welcome you in our organization, Meet any HQ ingame for your test

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    Mosaad Mahdi

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