The Ballas
By Norwing, in Gangs

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    Hurting others made us feel invincible, like nothing is against you. If you have sadness inside you, it makes you happy.
    The Gang knows your weak spot. They understand you. They hear you. When they find your weakness, they go all the way in , We use violence to send a message, to make it known that we were in control, to tell you not to step on our turf.
    We know when people who worked in the vineyards or farms will get their paychecks and we go after their cash. They usually got paid on a Friday, and we are really good at sticking a knife in their back or pointing a gun if they were in their car at a stop sign.
    If there was a party going on somewhere, we would crash it. We would bring our machetes, sometimes guns and take everyone’s money. It was always about getting the money. But we’d also take their food, their drinks. And if anyone ever looked at us the wrong way, we’d beat them up.
    If people owed us money, 20 to 30 guys would go to their house and we would break down their door , We’d go in and whoever was at home would take a beating. If the person in question wasn’t there we would beat up their family. It didn’t matter if they had children. We would beat them too.
    The Gang has their own detectives, so if you don’t co-operate, they will find and kill your family in Los Santos, or San fierro or any other place. Or they will rape your daughters, girlfriends, sisters.
    if an The ballas member was interested in a girl he saw, he would rape her and claim her as property.
    We had a very closely knit gang of about (50*) guys. We treated each other as men, and we would walk together for protection. We functioned like a tight paramilitary organisation. If any one of us ever felt that we were in danger from another gang , help was only a phone call away. It was a great feeling to be so protected.
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    Drug Trafficking
    The Ballas generates most of its income through drug trafficking and extortion. Originally formed to protect its members and associates from La~Ballas is now focused on controlling drug trafficking within the prison system and in neighborhoods dominated by Ballas affiliated gangs. Ballas and Nortefios members distribute illegal drugs including 'or personal expenses as weil as topurchase firearms, ammunition, pagers, automobiles, and other items for the gang. According to CDC debriefmgs of!,;'F and Ballas inmates, usmg stolen or rented vehicles. Nuestra FaInilia and Norteiios members also distribute drugs that are produced locally. To avoid arrest for illicit drug production B and The Ballas members icallve exican nationals to produce whiCh gang members then distribute.
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    Gang Founder & Leader: Night
    Gang ViceLeader or HQs: N/A

    Gang Panel: The_Ballas

    Gang Money: Soon to be specified.

    Gang Level: 0

    Gang Alliance: N/A

    Media Archive:

    Gang tags: B| & B-H| for Supporters

    Gang Motto: ★ Blood State Ballas ★
    ★In Our Streets there is no such thing as pity★

    Date of Creation: 15/07/2018
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    • Read and follow all the server rules (F1).

    • Always obey the admins of the server.

    • Respect and listen to the High ranked members Any fail following the orders may cause a warn or a kick.

    • If Leader or VL is not online, your HQ is your leader.

    • Stick speaking English on main chat/cc.

    • Don't never DM or revenge someone, Simply "ScreenShot" that and report.

    • You need to know every rule about Store robs, Bank robs and Turfing...

    • Every rulebreaking inside gang must be reported to HeadQuarter.

    • Don't ask for the promotion.

    • Watch your words, Our reputation is in your hands, so be cool.

    • Be mature, act mature, and behave nicely with the community players and even during roleplays.

    • lack of understanding any rule is not an excuse to break it, con.
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      Total Members: 1

    The Leader (L) / Level 5:

    The Vice Leader (vL) / Level 4,5:

    The Sub Leader (sL) / Level 4,5:

    Headquarters (HQ) / Level 4:

    Veteran (V) / Level 3:
    N / A

    Captain (Ct) / Level 3:
    N / A

    Drug Captain (DC) / Level 2:
    N / A
    Enforcer (E) / Level 2:
    N / A

    Member (M) / Level 1:
    N / A

    Prospect (P) / Level 0:
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    • Username in the game:


    Fluent in English:

    Languages spoken:

    Role-playing skills:

    Tell us 2 Turf war rules:

    What is avoid arrest ?:

    Previous organizations he joined:

    What server groups are you currently a part of?:

    Write a paragraph explaining our Paper:

    Previous punishments/previous prohibitions and reasons:

    What is deathmatching means ?(explain with an example) :

    What is the difference about PBR and BR ?:

    Why do you want to join us?

    Anything else to add?

    Why should we accept it?:

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  • Fluent in English:yes

    Languages spoken:yes

    Role-playing skills:more or less

    Tell us 2 Turf war rules:

    What is avoid arrest ?:yes

    Previous organizations he joined:no

    What server groups are you currently a part of?:ninguno

    Write a paragraph explaining our Paper:se dedica venta de droga

    Previous punishments/previous prohibitions and reasons:ok

    What is deathmatching means ?(explain with an example) :de no matar amigos

    What is the difference about PBR and BR ?:

    Why do you want to join us?:son activos

    Anything else to add?:nada

    Why should we accept it?:por ayudo y soy activo

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