GBR for squads

  • I think it could be fun to allow gangs to rob squad base vaults (and maybe company/group vaults too), it'll give different challenges to the gangs so they won't necessarily have to watch out for snipers but rather tasers.

    With the upcoming reset it could be a decent money maker too

  • I should probably point out that the vaults should be accessible far from the spawn location of the police based group/squad so that the primary defense style will remain the same as if the gang was robbing another gang.

  • depends if cops can rob gang banks as an anti-corruption/extortion/laundering move

  • it's stolen properties of victims so i don't see why not, it would also give a task to do apart from arresting upon raiding a gang base

  • Nice idea since the reset is now a fact.

  • i love all of your suggestions tut +1

  • It sounds interesting at the same time as a bit weird. If this gets implemented it should be limited in some way, as an example. You should be able to do it only when a certain amount of the group/squad/company members are online. As an example. A GBR is only possible if there are more then 3 S/C members on. Also there should be an "important" cooldown to it, just for the case if a gang gets bored during the morning and starts raiding the same squad/company/group over and over just because they are easy.

    Adding rules to it and restricting it in controlled ways. I imagine, as soon as a GBR would start you would see 10 crims on drugs camping right at the spawn of the squad/group/company.

    Vaults should have different designs, and even have a chance to be added as a reward for level, if you get level 5 you can customize your vault. (It would not only make it harder for the criminals, but also add variety to it.)

    Limit of the people that are raiding. I imagine a mix of all sort of criminals (15 +) from different orgs raiding 3 players.

    If this ever gets implemented, it will have to be REALLY thinked through in order to avoid all kind of different possible abuses.

    It's a good idea though, but will have to be properly thought through.

  • Yes yes i want rob cripz base !! @zaza

  • Sure, why not? I'm supporting the idea.

  • I wouldn't say stealing from squad bases but rather police departments (it'd make more sense imo). So LS/SF and LV-PD

  • That's a good idea but what about stealing classified documents or something valuable and then getting a money reward after safely delivering it to the squad base or LS/SF/LV police deparment.

  • @worm's idea is good. Squads could raid a gang's base for intel, so they could make a case against them and get paid by the gov at the end.

    Gangs 'attacking' squads base is quite pointless, unless you implement something that was requested a while back, a small jail for high wanted criminals in the squad's HQ.

    Robbing a company or better yet, THE company it's quite alright. Civilian are on the hands of criminals and officers.

    That's my two cents on this little idea.