HS back for CLO & DE

  • Hello, as you know our headshot was disabled some years ago
    I want to suggest 24/7 headshot for CLO & DE, its one way in what made us special groups. Some ppl say its unfair for cops but there is also DE to hs crims and I dont think its unfair for either side

    Things like this is why ppl join special groups or call them for help. People join to have special features in these groups.

    If this is still unfair then HS can be added to HLS as well

  • why they disabled it anyway?

  • I really don't think HS kill arrest is a good idea lmao

  • Disable it for jail and bank robs, Kain.

  • I would agree with this if not for the fact that DE is a responsive group, and therefore CLO having HS on 24/7 really isn't comparable with DE having it too.

    DE would only be able to use it in instances where SAPD calls for military backup, so jail & BRs... Whereas CLO isnt a reactive group so theyd make use of it way more frequently and in more general circumstances against cops

  • @Rzz0 said in HS back for CLO & DE:

    I think headshot should also be enabled for HLS too, they're pretty much as special as DE/CLO

    This part made me excited.

  • CLO & DE have armour, double weapons, you can't track or loc them. And now HS??
    Why not make them invisible?

  • @James said in HS back for CLO & DE:

    CLO & DE have armour, double weapons, you can't track or loc them. And now HS??
    Why not make them invisible?

    only difference between normal players & clo is armour, double weapons for high rank players( most of them inactive or offline generally), people calling us to help them in somethings but they dont know only difference is armour and its useless 😃

  • Why not, just give the special groups fair advantages (HLS, CLO, DE for HS) and shouldn't be much drama

  • wtf hell na no headshot arrest

  • I don't think i have the right to vote but if i can i would vote for no

  • you guys keep talking about de and clo, but what about the cops what will have to endure the clo? I don't think DE is 24/7 battling against clo but the cops are the ones that have to face the headshot kill effect, which it makes it unfair for the cops

  • It will be unfair towards cops because as @jonathan959 cops are always playing towards CLO while DE fights them only at BR and JB etc.. like imagine a cop tries to arrest a CLO and then he kills the cop with 1 shot with sniper, It will be unfair and DE will not respond if it's not a JB or a BR, it shouldn't be added back

  • @Groove said in HS back for CLO & DE:

    wtf hell na no headshot arrest

    DE cant kill arrest sir so it woudnt be problem for it (Idk about HLS)

  • @Paradox they can

  • Disable in br-jb interior,no more problems

  • That doesnt make sense because you have a high amount of players as CLO, you can go to BRs, sr and always headshot everyone, meanwhile we in DE use it for other purposes like (war,trainings and such). Its better if it remain like that.

  • I remember it was disabled due unfair to community but as we can see now comunity wants it back with +%75 vote
    Only disable it in interiors like jb and br and its ok! @kenny

  • I'm a hundred percent with this suggestion because this will encourage more players to join special groups and this will make those groups more special. Actually, you can just disable it at bank and jail interiors to keep it balanced for SAPD and to give them chance to arrest, maybe keeping it for SR is not that bad because cops can just hide and reach the SR using a vehicle, this will encourage cops to arrest before they use long-range weapons to kill.

    Also, I think it will balance both sides and it would motivate both groups to respond, either to SAPD calls (for DE) and criminal activities (for CLO). many skilled niqqers are willing to have it open 24/7. hidden talents gonna rock

  • Honestly, i do not really mind, strong has a point but HS is not the main reason.

    If it goes live, yea, BR/JB and shit should be off