FPS issues

  • Do you personally drop below 60 fps? My setup has a GTX 1060 and an I7 8750h and somehow I still drop below the needed 60 FPS. Also why is my FPS capped at 60? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • MTA stays capped at 60 FPS at all times, can't change that
    • Lag spikes appear all around the map when you first login due to your account loading bases (This was changed so the log-in time wouldn't be so long, it'll be patched soon, said Nanobob)
    • Put your game into Windowed mode, best way to avoid lag currently
  • its capped at 60 because anythign above that and the game starts to break and the drops you experience its loading of bases it only happens once you are near a base and only after the loggin so once the bases is loaded untill you reconnect you wont lag on that spot

  • @Markus Thanks, friend. I'll try the third one.

  • Servers keep their framerate limits at various values to prevent bugs and synch problems with various game elements. It depends on server to server and especially its gamemode (e.g competetives might have different FPS limits than racing).

    MTA does not support multithreading and you're essentially stuck to one core. It's possible that your CPU's single cores are less effecient than "inferior" CPU's.
    I'm no PC expert though