VenusX's application for ZIP

  • Ingame name : [ThC]VenusX
    Real Name : Jivomir
    Age : 18
    Nationality: Builgaria, Bulgarian

    Tell us a bit about yourself: Hello, My name is Jivomir Krasimirov Jekov i have a brother and cousin playing SAES:RPG they name is [ThC]Dankata, Nightmare ... i have a good drive skills, shooting skills, building skills and etc...
    Whats is your current g/s/c ?:
    Are you part of any groups, if so which? :no im not in any group

    How long have you been playing on SAES?: i started playing SAES:RPG 2017 but i stopped for 2 years ago and now i started to play again.
    Tell us about your saes carrier : I started to play MTA with my cousin 2016 i played only Dayz and zombie servers when i start to play SAES its make so much fun to play with another players and my cousin and i got so hyped when i join a gang.

    Why do you want to join ZIP? : i want to join this Group because . i like building . i know something about the construction panel. im active and loyal player ...

    Charecters Roleplay:

    Name: Mason

    Age: 18

    Nationality: Bulgaria, Bulgarian

    Date of birth: 12/08/2001

  • Title: Car parking
    Description: i builded a car parking for everyone
    Code: N/A

  • Title: Bar...
    Discription: i make Bar with seating area's and Bedroom

  • Title: Weapon Squad
    Discription: I make Squad for Illegal Weapons

  • Title: AutoMorgue
    Discription: I make this AutoMorgue for reserve parts for people
    Code: ....