raceTECH Recruitment OPEN!

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    Recruitment OPEN via application!

    Want to join raceTECH?

    Make application in the link below. Recruitment will not be open for long so be sure to be as active as you can while you can apply!

    General knowledge about raceTECH: https://archive.saesrpg.uk/community/topic/59451-general-information/


    Add your events and activities at the bottom of your application (in spoilers), feel free to edit it whenever you have something new to add.
    Be yourself. Don't be a fake person in your application claiming to be the most active person I have ever seen, do one event then bugger off. We will remove the slackers.
    Don't lie. Lies always catch up to you.
    Make one application and edit it with upcoming acitivities.
    Don't bump your application with "hangaround activities".
    Don't wait around for other raceTECH members to RP/make events with. Feel free to make your own race events or roleplays with other people in the server. (Do not use raceTECH's name for your own events if you are not a member).
    If you are denied that doesn't mean you can't be accepted in the future. Go out, come to some events or roleplays and get some screenshots!

    You can post your applications here: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/1407/racetech-applications

    Application format: (if you can't see what is in the spoiler press f5 and try again)

    Thank you for your attention.
    raceTECH HQ team

  • Me rTECH pls ?


  • I feel betrayed. I remember participating like rtech live recruitment, that was a race. I won the fucken race m8 but didn't get added, cunts who finished second and third got added. feck u.