Report honer wrong admin jail in Turf Area

  • Hello everyone, I got admin jailed for being in car on fire and I was low HP I was new in game I just started the game from near 2 month when I got it I had never seen that in the rules or know it before cause I was cop in ICE squad I didn't know anything about that, first time it happens to me and then the admin Honer froze me and I told him never know what is that he was in car don't out enemy was in car like that 2 and he say to me sorry I can't give you warning cause you are from Underground Empire gang
    all know I respect all never DM or do anything Violate the rules when I know I have the chance to remove my only admin jail I got

    alt text

    You've shown mercy to him even when he's an old player after what he did, and in those times when I got the admin jail I didn't know about this and you went straight to admin jail me

  • Hi, the reason for your adminjail 25 days ago was for shooting from a burning vehicle and therefore you were abusing the invulnerability that this bug provides to harm other players.

    The feedback in your screenshot states to provide evidence of the individual abusing the burning vehicle (of which non was supplied).

    As a result, your jail 25 days ago was deemed valid due to abuse whereas there is currently no proof that the current scenario was deemed abuse as there is a lack of evidence.

    As I explained to you in DM on discord, we don't remove previous valid punishments and no administration rulebreaks have taken place here therefore I'm going to close this report.