Unsolved Disallow/cooldown suggestions about CopSide from non-copsiders

  • Due to the wave of offensive suggestions of criminals against cop side which had a negative side effects on cop side's brilliance after his glorious comeback

    i suggest cooldown/disallowing non copsiders from suggesting suggestions for cop side.

    What really happent?(The truth, Criminals won't admit)
    Since our comeback, crim side begun to feel uncomfortable because they can't do what they used to do easily ,anymore, which explains their failures in organizing their operations especially unsuccessful bank robberies & the resistance they face from cop side, which led them to avoid fighting fair & start a "crusade" on copside by suggesting these enormous offensive suggestions in short period of time...
    this shit must & will be stopped, enough is enough no more criminal supremacy we won't allow it anymore.

    We we're on our worst situations but we didn't suggest offensive suggestions against crim side in order to enhance ours


  • True on all aspects, since we made a comeback they now want everything to be a piece of cake, they don't want to work hard for anything and just get easy money, we need them to stop deciding whats best and bad for us and trying to screw us in any way they can.

  • I think criminals are just jealous but rllly cop side is dying now SAES is missing squads we can see that squads are dying always but gangs are not we we see that there is more then 10 official gangs but Squads have unless then 6.
    This is too unfair we should get what we want not standing in watching our dearh .

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  • kain told you post this or drot ?

  • no 🙂

  • ok srsly

    We we're on our worst situations but we didn't suggest offensive suggestions against crim side in order to enhance ours

    you didnt suggest kill-arrest ? then they can remove it np since you didnt ask for it ( suggest it )

  • To be honest these suggestions for both sides have been too much now

  • @Rzz0 said in Disallow/cooldown suggestions about CopSide from non-copsiders:

    I myself dont care about thr balance or bankrobs failing as you say, its mostly about the hypocrisy and a few admins changing the rules to benefit themselves
    A good example is the pizzaboy getting wanted for selling to criminals, while cops can freely buy drugs, how does that even make sense?
    Another good example is rules being changed very often in favor of cops, an example of that is criminals that are outside of the bank when a bankrobbery is ongoing cannot shoot cops which are entering the bank? Why? The cops who are entering the bank are attending a criminal activity which they are obviously going to try to stop.
    Also another thing which i heard but might not be true is lvl 2 squads being able to have combat shotgun while gangs cannot (correct me if im wrong)

    Emergency Task Force is level 2-3 i dont really remember but
    They have got MAC-10,Tazer,nightstick and shotgun as far as
    i know.About shooting at entrance,imagine how that would be unrealistic,they are looting the money from inside and you are holding the door. It breaks the fun of robbing.Some gangs and persons taking it way too serious.

  • 🤔 🤔

  • I find this post offensive

  • This whole crim vs. cop thing lately..
    You know what I think it is? People on both sides are getting tired of this game and naturally, you'll be trying to find excuses and make changes to find the joy once again to play - rather than seeing the bigger picture

  • this rule
    "using house to come faster to br not allowed" existed back than & cops still stopped brs, minus killarrest/flashbangs/dogs/k pannel etc...

    why not bring this rule back (wich existed earlyer) when its obviosly unfair?
    if ~30 crimes vs. 20 cops +10 cops with houses (ak counts as 100 cops), with fresh new 100hp & fresh drugs, in my eyes this house respawn have nothing to do with skills or tactics whilest crimes trys everything possible, we did even fake turf to trick cops because k pannel.
    looking cops reaction like they could do it better very easy, writing down comments like "just brings clo with armor they kill de" suree...but clo have once armor & de/hls have new armor every respawn, how are people that doesent even know such easy stuff, do like they know it better than crimes how it works? in my eyes cops (not all) are actually acting like some studyed building planners & do like they know better than an "simply" electrician/construction worker etc. atleast thats my oponion about current situation.