disallow squadmember to spawn drugdealer in brs

  • recently with new update criminals can't spawn medic/pizzaboi to come brs since they get stars which makes them unable to sell/heal.

    nowadays we see squadmember spawning as drugdealer to sell the cops only drugs outside ( and you are not allowed to kill him ) or inside and this make the cops have more advantage

    so as the title says im suggesting to :

    • Disallow (squadmember only) to spawn crim in brs
    • Allow crims to kill the crim whos selling drugs to cops. (whatever if hes outside or inside)


    vice versa since crims will be not able to spawn as cop to help other gangs to br its same to cops they cant spawn crims in brs


    pls use common sense before you vote & read ty np

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  • nope

  • Allowing criminals to kill a drugs dealer who's selling to cops only would be sufficient. This is also allowed during prison riots, however during bankrobs only the robbing gang is allowed to.

  • Let's be honest, speed in itself is just a fundamentally unbalanced broken game mechanic.

    Remove it all together :yespepe:

    Or add a shit side effect

  • @Kain said in disallow squadmember to spawn drugdealer in brs:

    Let's be honest, speed in itself is just a fundamentally unbalanced broken game mechanic.

    Remove it all together :yespepe:

    I'm all in for that one!

  • Why would criminals be able to use speed effect while cops won't be able to use it, zero sense in requesting/saying such a thing unless you got logical and wise reason to do so.

    And yeah it's either you keep it for both sides or remove it for both sides.

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  • I've noticed recently there's a huge problem regarding "who got a bigger dick in the game" thing.

    I honestly don't know when people started going: "Oh I can't do that? Then you shouldn't and fuck your fun" instead of going with "Oh I see you got this ability, let me incorporate it to my gameplay and play around it so I can out play you". Or even just suggesting something restrictive to be removed and not actually be added to both sides.

    Examples of this: Howlze requesting a CD on sell such as cop has right now instead of just requesting to remove the cancerous bribe CD or lowering to only 1 second the cool down. Like if adding a 3 cancerous seconds CD to a feature he's not even using most of the time will improve somehow his gameplay.

    There's a looot of cases where I've seen this happening and it's honestly stupid as fuck. It's like people don't want to be out played and can't recognize someone played better than they because they'll start complaining about balance and such.

    However, going back to the main point in here, I think Pizza boys should be able to sell eventhough they're wanted inside bank interiors and jail breaks, the same way cops should be able to use drugs if they wish to counter play criminals (of course criminals must be able to kill these guys the same way a cop must arrest those who are helping in any way the criminals :)))) )

    Edit: Prior anyone takes what I wrote to justify some things that are not under this scenario, I only meant this particular case. There's things I think must be balanced (considering the gameplay of both sides) but there's no reason to discuss them in here.

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  • When I was spawned as Cluck in the Bank Robbery (BR), you said (Daryl) You can't sell as Clucking Bell while someone is doing a BR, you made an update and make it rule before we see it in forums or in SAES:RPG rules.

    So now in the BR you ask to police officer or squads members to spawn as drug dealer, and we can't kill the drugs dealers because we'll get reported or admin jailed for this, and this doesn't have common sense that cop use drugs to attend a BR

    Cops can get heal from hospital respawn and get drugs while criminals can't get heal and respawn in jail, this is totally unfair.


    alt text


  • @Element That makes no sense it's like dog spawn, while criminals can't have access to it why do cops can spawn, if we are going to think with that way dog spawn also should be removed. There should be some benefits of being a criminal/cop, so keep it both.

  • A better solution would be giving both the drug dealer and the player a 5 wanted level upon purchasing drugs, makes sense since they're both engaging in illegal activity, no? And according to kain's logic, if civilians shouldn't be anywhere near gang/squad activities, then it only makes sense for cops not to be anywhere near drugs based on this logic.

    Or simply revert the change done to pizza boy spawn and we can all go on with our lives, that change was so repressive it killed a gameplay dynamic since pizza boy was the only practical counter to kill arrest and the only way to heal other people if you're wanted.

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  • Aren't you allowed to kill anyone in your BR that is inside or immediately outside the bank (which includes the drug dealer selling to the cops)? Also, cops buying drugs violates a rule(forgot the number) which basically says act your role. If they are allowed to buy drugs, hence not acting their role, shouldn't I be allowed to spawn as a cop and bribe the crackers (there are corrupt cops after all:) ). I think that if cops are able to get drugs we should be able to get healed.

  • if you allow cops to buy drugs which is illegal then justdont call your server RPG pls