• Hi. Some time ago I had heard that police helicopters had cameras, but I never knew how to use them until recently, and despite the usefulness that can be given, this is somewhat outdated and I think it can be given more utility. My suggestion is "as long as developers can do it" are the following

    1- Camera improvements, the camera only shows the area to which it is pointing and cannot be enlarged, the most important improvement would be the zoom, as well as the original cameras of the game or the sniper sights. Among other improvements would be that the camera can follow vehicles, recognize names of players among other things that have the newest helicopters. At the end of the post I will make a comparison.

    2- The Helicopter Pilot can use the camera, maybe a command could be used so that the pilot has the opportunity to use the camera, in this case, when activating the command, the helicopter would be suspended in the air and could not Drive until you leave the camera.

    I await your opinions, it is a suggestion


  • Don't know if needed but adding a poll would be cool. Also, great suggestion mens.