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    Do you enjoy a walk with your dog or your wife through the beautiful parks of San Fierro? This could become impossible if we can not breathe a clean air and unfortunately this is already happening, fair enough the biggest companies have their factories far from the big cities, but that does not mean anything, since the real problem is that Pollution is growing on an unimaginable scale, and the only way to stop it would be to find alternative ways to use fuels and even long productions of armament equipment for bigger organizations like CLO and DE.

    It is not enough to leave your property and throw the garbage in the container! The real problem is being caused at a much higher level...

    We are at a critical point for the ecosystem that surrounds us and which allows us to live in our precious state of San Andreas. The data specifies that our state is one of the worst in relation to massive pollution, with San Fierro being the first, Los Santos the second, and followed by Las Venturas. Large factories, and places like All Load Trucking properties are causing irreparable damage to the natural environment due to the excessive fuel transportation and fuel production which is demanded by all San Andreas citizens who use a vehicle, from Police Departments to Organized Criminal Gangs use transports each day at every time.

    Is this the imminent end of the few natural reserves that surround us? We have little time, and there is still no organization that is responsible for keeping our place safe from contamination, apart from Sanitary Andreas which its work might be the only one that approaches by keeping our streets clean. The progress is made with a beginning and an effort, and for now, from KTN we see very few people interested in this important aspect that by all means is saving the world.

    In images like the ones below we can see big changes, global warming caused by climate change, which in turn causes the rise in sea level that will cause the emergence of our beaches, the excessive processing of wood logs, the highest mountains can no longer be seen due to the concentration of clouds with toxic gases produced by the same factories that keep us running, but at what price?

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    Is this what we need our trees for? Enjoying a view that will no longer happen in a future?
    The damage is already done, but the real progress would be not to make the same mistake twice, it is something that is learned over the years and experience.

    It is quite ironic, we abuse the same trees that give us oxygen, which gives us life, to have a simple bank in which to be more comfortable, everything is a compensation between health and comfort which will end up destroying us.

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    Here we can see the factory owned by All Load Trucking, which produces and transports fuel, which has prospered for many years due to our need to refill our gas stations. But they are not responsible for this, we all play our part on in this money business, which at the same time is totally destructive for everything that surrounds us and for what we live.

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    The most luxurious homes live on the basis of bad electricity, also causing potential light pollution in their neighborhoods. On the other hand, great changes are already being seen in some poor places in Las Venturas, where apartments such as the one below can already be seen with solar panels granting the ecosystem a slight breath and crushing bigger anonymous companies hidden in the shadows of the money they get at the cost of our lives.

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