• Greetings everyone, I rarely make these kind of topics but a thought came to me recently, about the "jewel of the crime" so do I call it, now let me explain what it is about:

    The World Bank, the most secure bank in the world (so they say) where most of the global funds are held at. A prey all heisters want to get their hands on. But enough with RP details, let's get to the actual gameplay details

    -6 layers of security doors with cracking codes from 0 to 8 million.
    -Heavily cop-sided bank, being harder to defend from cops after each layer
    -minimum 20-22 cops online to start the robbery
    -can only be robbed once a day by a gang
    -safes codes would be like this: first one 0 to 8 mil, second one 0 to 9 mil, last one 0 to 15 mil

    But high risk, high reward right? We are talking about a minimum profit of 1 million for each non-gang participants and over 1.5 millions for each member of the robbing gang.

    -Requires massive gang co-operation and planning to succeed, brings a lot of fame and pride if the gang succeds
    -A new battleground for both cops and crims, can bring a lot of fun
    -The money and pride motivates the criminals, the advantages for the police will motivate them to come.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  • What are your thoughts on this?

    Rich get richer shaking my head

  • yes daddy

  • strive not to be a success but rather to be of value.

  • We could turn the idea to be a criminals vs police event. I suggest all criminals to work together, from that I mean gangs will pick their best crackers, doesn't matter from which organisations and let them crack, the rest will just defend. Something just like PBR but with a real cracking, more difficulty and more rewarded. From cop side they should be freely allowed to attends the bank robberies spawned as HLS or DE, even if there isn't any CLO member. But I think that respawn-spam at properties should be re worked as it is already being discussed in another topic.

  • I overall like your thoughts about the robbing part. This way robbing a bank will feel much more intense and you will actually NEED to cooperate with each other, use certain tactics and all of that stuff.

    Most important for me will be this:

    • Where will the world bank be located, because since we live in a state which contains three main cities, there has to be a reason for the bank to be located in one of these three cities. I think it has to be located in the city, which has the strongest police units.