Information thread

If you would like to CHANGE your password, you need to press F1 while ingame and do the following steps:

Press F1, click "Change Password" (bottom right) and then fill in the spaces.

If you would like to RECOVER an account (/forgot your password), we do not currently have a working webpage for you to do this automatically since moving to the new forum. So your only option for now is to contact an admin and politely ask for them to do this manually.

To do this either go on our official Discord server ( or PM an admin on forums or ingame. The admins which have the power to do this are marked with a * on the 'SAES Members List' on F1.

Please note that while we will try our best to help you, in some cases we are unable to verify you are the owner of said account, in which case we will not be able to assist you and the account is basically gone. If you do need to recover an account, please provide your IP ( as well as your SERIAL (F8 ingame, type serial, copy result) to the admin you are dealing with. Please also provide the old username (if you remember), the forum nickname on old forums ( and the e-mail you registered your old account with (if any of these 3 are applicable)

In many cases we will require more information, such as what cars you owned, what guns and ammo you had, how much money you had, how many hours you have played, what stats you had, what groups you were in etc. If you cannot answer these and by this stage the admin failed to confirm the account is yours, then you lost it.

**** Please note that sometimes the login panel bugs showing your password is incorrect, but this is simply because of the Remember Me function bugging out. Simply delete what is in your Password box and type it again as a first resort before trying to reset your password.

If you would like to MULTIACCOUNT, bad luck, you cannot. It is not allowed to multiaccount, and if you share a computer with other people in your house or you play publicly we may require proof. Further information can be found on this topic:

If you would like to RESTART your account, whether by starting on a new account or clearing your stats/inventory on your current, again ask an admin with a * on F1 Members List. We may not necessarily agree if the sole reason is that you dug yourself into too much shit with a negative reputation. If you restart your life on SAES with a new account, we will close and lock your old one.

If your ACCOUNT IS BUGGED because it says "someone is logged in on this account already" then contact an admin to reset your cache. This normally applies if you are N/A on the scoreboard at the top. Simply ask someone ingame/have someone do it for you or raise your issue on our Discord.

PLEASE REMEMBER THE E-MAIL YOU REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT WITH. Don't moan if you register a fake one, such is the risk you take.