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    With the new year time has changed and people started to have fun with different ways ,People started to enjoy the shows on television which is happening between professional boxers .It was really popular nowadays ,But something was missing with them. They werent so real and enjoyable . Few friends from Los santos decided to create an organisation which will be illegal and will happen only underground .Noone was going to know and it was going to happen with only few friend.However day by day lots people started to join this organisation .They were enjoying fight eachother and enjoying being punched in the face because when you get a punch in your face you started to understand you arent made of glass and it was giving extra pleasure to member of this organisation.People started to begging to join organisation but rules were clear .They werent accepting new people but with the lots of request organisation leader couldn't resist and decided to create this club officially with the name of FIGHT CLUB .They were going to host mathces which isnt going to be proffesional players.Which is going to be by Random citizens of San andreas .Thats how Fight club started

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    This section, whose main role is Boxing, is illegal. They are boxing for money at clubs or streets. They are doing tranings about always boxing. they have a coach older than them. This coach is the best in boxing and leads the divison. When the organizer organizes a match, he comes to the coach and asks him who will play in this match. When any boxer chooses, the boxers will train with the coach.


    The main role of this section is illegal, but none of the peoples dont know what they are doing. They're organizing a match for the boxers. They do everything they can to place it before the game. When an organization member doing a boxing match , others coming to help organization

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    Club Leader: @AdemBygt

    Club Vice Leader: @zaza

    Club Tag: FC│Name & FC*│Name

    Club Helpers Tag: FC-H│Name

    Club Motto: You don't talk about The Fight club!

    Color Code:#966900

    RGB color Code: R:0 G:85 B:80

    Club Created: 2019 - December - 15

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    Club Base

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    Vice Leader





    Boxer Division

    Members of Boxer Division

    FC Assistant Coach <AC>


    FC Professional Boxer <PFB>


    FC Boxer <B>


    FC Novice Boxer <NB>


    FC Rookie Boxer <RB>



    Organizator Division

    Members of Organizator Division

    FC Assitant Managers <AM>


    FC Distinguished Personnel <DP>


    FC Trusted Personnel <TP>


    FC Organizator Personnel <OP>




    FC Personnel <O>







    FC Probationary Members













    FC Total Members: : 30

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    • You don't talk about The Fight club!
    • Respect all players and admins.
    • Follow the server rules.
    • Don't be childish

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    Recruitment Status: Open

    * **1- Personal Part :**
    **Nationality: **
    **Rate Your English Level (1-10):**
    * **2- Saes Information Part :**
    **Since when do you play SAES:RPG:**
    **Current Gang/Squad**
    **Current Groups:**
    **Tell us about your SAES carrier:**
    * **3 -Group Question:**
    **What do you know about Fight Club:**
    **Which division do you prefer , and why?:**
    **Why do you want to join Fight Club**
    **Why should we accept you:**

    Discord Server:

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    1- Personal Part :

    Nickname: My nickname is Franklin or Franks.
    Username: My username is franklinclint.
    Age: I am currently 14 years old.
    Nationality: My nationality is Slovenian.
    Rate Your English Level (1-10): I would rate my English skills 9 out of 10.

    2- Saes Information Part :

    Since when do you play SAES:RPG: I started playing SAES:RPG back in 2014 of August.
    Current Gang/Squad: I am currently the leader of a gang that goes by the name of La Confrerie Des Lions.
    Current Groups: I am not a member of any groups whatsoever.
    Tell us about your SAES carrier: My SAES carrier started back in 2014 back then I was quite young and I was mainly playing with my brother who was speaking English pretty fluently but I didn't, I didn't understand anything but I learned pretty quickly. I joined quite a few gangs at the start with my brother's help but soon learned to join them myself. I used to be a hopper when I first joined SAES because I was just so impatient and everything, I was pretty childish aswell which also got me banned 2 times if I'm correct. After I've been unbanned the second time I feel like I've changed and I'm more mature than I was a few years ago. I could go on listing all the things that happend in my carrier, ups and downs but it would be just too long.

    3 -Group Question:

    What do you know about Fight Club: I only know that The Fight Club organizes illegal fights and accept bets on the fights, there might be more behind it but the members are not allowed to talk about it.
    Which division do you prefer , and why?: Boxer Division.
    Why do you want to join Fight Club I want to join The Fight Club because it seems like an interesting group to be in, which also has a lot of potential in becoming official. I also have a lot of experience with Fighting since I've had my own fighting organization before.
    Why should we accept you: You should accept me because I'm a very active and experienced player which has a lot of knowledge about fighting and the server in general.

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