Insulting Admins(Arma), Insulting me, blatant lies, dm and the right to defend myself.

  • So a report was made on me where it included that I was the only one insulting and that I've deathmatched. I believe I've the right to defend myself in this particular case and will do so in this thread.

    I'll layer this thread properly so you can properly understand what I'm showing.

    To start off this report I just want to leave this screenshot here for Arma just so he knows who he's dealing with, the player whom has reported me has in fact 'insulted you', now isn't that just hilarious? here he calls Arma the admin "fucking retarded", now that's absurd and he should be dealt with accordingly.

    alt text

    After finding out I was reported I've told both Ragnar and Ironclad where the report was made and how I can access it so I'll be able to defend myself, and in return Ragnar said you can find the thread in the 'Retards and mentally disabled players' section. This is without a doubt offensive and a means to shut me down. ->

    alt text

    Ragnar has insulted me on multiple occasions, also hinting the fact that I should kill myself when I make a remark about suicide, which isn't funny at all.

    alt text

    He continues with his non-sense and calls us 'arab' turds, which is not just insulting but also a racist remark, why should that be taken lightly?

    alt text

    And finally the video I want to display for the world to see that we, Spinner and I, in fact, did not Death-match, sorry Ragnar but this was your doing!

  • alt text

  • Well this happens frequently in SAES , + the part of insulting Arma is really baad
    indeed as seen in the proves im completely by ur side bro

  • I don't know if the same rules, from the banned section, apply here too, about not posting, but I have to say something.

    Have, any of you, hear about the /ignore nick thingy? This bullshit will only get resolved that way, in my opinion. Or if everyone involved is banned, with is quite stupid because there is no need for it. Just enjoy the damn game, is that hard?

    In the short period, I had direct contact with you aussies, I have to say you fellas look quite nice guys. I don't get what went wrong here. This bullshit cost you O membership, which I don't know if you ever cared or not, and gave you some bad reputation.

    After all, this is just a game where you're supposed to come, chat a bit with the other players, kill some piggies, tell mom jokes and log off, not creating (more) problems.

    Disclaimer: I couldn't avoid some smile while reading Ragnar's joke (the retard section one) and while watching the video lol

  • He didn't deathmatch as the nightstick does no damage.

    Although he's preventing him from shooting by hitting him or, worse, pushing him to certain death if he turns around, so most players would have done the same. How did this become so big that you all didn't just use /report or dm each other at hospital to solve it like big bois?

  • @kipt we're not butthurt, we actually dont really care if he insults us and we don't care if we get banned after all like you said it's just a game. We. Simply. Do. Not. Care.
    Everyone on here lacks humour and the capability to speak proper ENGLISH which is basically what prompts reports like this.

    This report was to defend myself and my friends, I would have never made this report if he did not report me, his report was shortly closed leaving me with no choice other than make a thread myself.

    We were kicked because of the excessive jokes we make and let's not forget the competitive trash talk, do you really blame us if 80 percent of the server are little third world sub human snowflakes?

  • @teddy We shrugged it off shortly after we killed him, but he's still constantly butthurt like every other player on the server who just simply do not understand us.

  • @serpentis, I never said you were butthurt. I just said if it's too hard to ignore him.

    About the "lack of humor" I know what you mean xD I've been screwed a bunch of times for misinterpreted jokes that lately I just stay quiet, which ain't my natural state of mind. I like to joke around, that's 50% of the game but sometimes you have to control that 'impetus'

    And, I don't give two fucks about this, my curiosity about the whole situation does. What's the point of it? And I ain't talking about the report on itself, cuz you have every right to reply when he reported you, but the situation on a whole.

  • @kipt lol you wouldn't believe me if I told you but this all started when I said the show 'vikings' was trash and Game of Thrones was better. It then escalated from there, so it is what it is now haha.