[FEEDBACK] Bank Robbery Balance

  • Hi guys,

    Usually I would make a poll before adding such changes however as this is a balance change, I don't expect many individuals (particularly criminals) to be the #1 fan of this change however from a police perspective, a change is inevitably required.

    The current meta
    So lets be honest, the current meta of BRs typically stands around the average BR lasting around 3-5 minutes with very little failures ever taking place for criminals. This usually takes place by criminals primarily camping the second room and shooting into the main lobby down a narrow corridor towards the cops (which wasn't how the mapping was intended). Due to this, cops never really got past the initial gate and typically barely ever arrested anyone.

    The Changes
    With this update, I've changed 2 things in particular.

    One change is an attempt to extend the time in which a BR takes place. This is because I believe the current time of 3-5 minutes is way too short for cops to even make a strong attempt at stopping a BR (unless it's SWAT in SF who are literally next door). This has been done by extending increasing the crack value on all the doors.
    The pattern goes as followed:
    Door 1 - 1,000,000
    Door 2 - 2,500,000
    Door 3 - 5,000,000

    Safe 1 - 1,000,000
    Safe 2 - 2,000,000
    Safe 3 - 3,000,000
    Safe 4 - 4,500,000
    Safe 5 - 5,000,000
    Safe 6 - 5,500,000
    Safe 7 - 6,000,000
    Safe 8 - 8,000,000

    These numbers have been chosen and tested (cracked by Groove and Nemesis - considered professional crackers) with 2 (out of 10) minutes remaining before the bank reset. This therefore almost doubled the time of the criminals spent inside the bank during the robbery while also significantly increasing the difficulty.

    The second primary change implemented is an attempt to control the camping which took place in the second room. In order to manage this, I implemented a ColShape which forces players to be behind the following line in order to receive payment for the safes being cracked as seen in the screenshot below:

    This is an attempt to force players to no longer camp in the second room and either defend at the end of the 2 corridors or defend in the main safe room.


    What do I ask of you? Please post below your opinions on the new system after attending a bank rob under the new system. Again, I don't expect everyone to be happy as this is a balance change however 8/8 bank robs should feel rewarding just as they did back in 2013. BRs should be a more engaging and challenging experience for gangs and not just that standard money making scheme.

    One of the best ways to monitor this change is if HQs of organisations could fill the following form out throughout the week.


  • I think after increasing the difficulty, there should be a money increasement too, right ?

  • @scorpyo +1 mate

  • I'm honestly so down for this, already sounds better if everyone had to move from second room to third in order to receive any cash, and it's logical too.

    @scorpyo said in [FEEDBACK] Bank Robbery Balance:

    I think after increasing the difficulty, there should be a money increasement too, right ?

    Why though? I don't see a reason for criminals to have more income due to just making cracking harder and moving players from second to third room.

    Anyhow, supporting this completely, and I'm glad to see developers to actually discuss about new chances to the server with the community. + Making changes after everything has been the same for years, just some scripts here and there that no-one actually cares about. Guess It's time to move forward.

    Don't you think the third room is quite open for squads to even move toward the safes? There is plenty of space and time for criminals to shut them down - just a thought.

  • (In that place, 'newbie' criminal could ruin the BR thinking that it's a PBR.)
    In my opinion, one of these 2 changes will be enough, I mean, to increase the crack value or to change the zone where people gets money.

  • I honestly see some advantages about the new code pattern. This will force gangs to start a bankrob with a larger amount of members as example.

    However, about that collision part, I see some disadvantages (f.e. the crackers in the saferoom). Because you won't get any money for staying/camping at the lobby and this will force those criminals to even go and stay inside the saferoom. I bet that the crackers will be annoyed cuz of some people who can't behave inside that room.

    Like I said, it has its advantages but has disadvantages aswell...

  • Yeah but saying that not every gang has professional crackers, but nice idea if this happens we will see how it is thats the only way.

  • First, I dunno if it's me or not, but I can't see the spoilers. (just refreshed the page and that shit worked, forget it xD)

    Second, has someone that does and attempts BRs for a while I have to say something. Ain't that that will slow down the BRs 🙂
    Fellas like Sira, Groove, and fuck-knows who else won't even sweat on that. Me personally, like to categorize crackers and when I say a "3rd door cracker" I mean someone that does de 3rd door in 15-20 seconds, which means this so-called "balance" won't affect them a bit. This will affect however the noobs like me. Not the others 'decent' crackers (3rd door in less than [and going a bit soft here] 35 secs) but the so-called "backups of the backups".

    But never the less, its a change and changes are always welcome to keep this interesting, if well implemented.

    Just to finish my say here. In my humble opinion, you should rework the whole BR system and the banks. I would suggest such thing, cuz it's something I've been thinking for a while now, but I don't want Blade screaming to me and saying to do it myself 😞

  • Good Bye Solo Crack

  • well i see this more challenging
    but we need to look about a more interresting problem which is the number of gangs currently patrolling in SAES
    which doesnt give the opportunity to everbody to start a BR and create conflicts out of stealings
    what i want to say making this longer means also making the opportunity to do it shorter and set the timer to 3h between each BR so the marker comes up again

  • Definintely cool. !!

  • cool idea

  • An absolutely good idea, it will blockade gangs from easily cracking safes, which sounds very realistic. In this way, that balance will force both sides to work as a team instead of just law enforcement. Some said there are a few gangs that don't have pro crackers. Well they have to figure out if they want to keep themselves in this game it's a challenge for them if you fail on BR's that's your fault but if you don't you gain the money. Which means more risks for gangs and which is normal if you had tried something like that in real life you couldn't be done without high risks.

  • that will be only for Br or Pbr too ? ... anyway that will be hard .-.

  • Good update, bank robberies are finally going to be a challange and mean something. One last thing to do though, remove public bank robberies and make it a reward for being a gang member once again and we are good. MAKE BANK ROBBERIES GREAT AGAIN!

  • Well i was happy to see the idea coming @Kain before few hours
    But after making things into practice i found a big huge space between the theoritical and the practical part
    The new BR system is challenging from the numbers but incapacitate defenders
    We tried the system this morning with 2 of our best crackers with another cracker
    and we got 7/8 and 6/8 both reasons of fail were cops destroying the defense immediatly althought we had a good defense in

    I suggest to lower Numbers or make defenders able to stay in the entery room as usual

  • Hell yea,finally BRs become funny
    @kipt you suck anyway

  • @brondy Still possible but more risky

  • @groove said in [FEEDBACK] Bank Robbery Balance:

    @brondy Still possible but more risky

    to solo BR u need to have an average of 25-35 for 10m

  • solo br seems really impossible we robbed today 8/8 as 2 person, its really hard