[SAS]Witti's Application

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    1- Personal Part :
    Nickname [B~B]Witti
    Username witti
    Country of residence Algeria
    Since when do you play SAES:RPG 3 years
    Current organization Black~Bullets
    Current groups:N/A
    List the server punishments that you have received: No.
    Tell us about yourself and your SAES career :Hello my name in real life in Mohamed ,iam 18 years old , from Algeria . I like playing videos games like MTA and also i love football . Well i started palying since 2016 so i did so many things in SAES , i joined organizations and had alot of experiences . I am a good player , helpful,respectfull and loyal . My strength is : Shooting-driving--recording -flying.
    2 - Rules check :
    Which division do you wish to join Actor
    State 2 of the rules of that division:
    respect high ranks then you
    Stick to the producer's orders if you are participating at any activity.
    Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?:No one
    Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):


  • @WiTTi01

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    Positive feedbacks !
    Meet me in-game for a small interview.
    Join our discord to get your task.
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