La Confrérie Des Lions
By Franklin, in Gangs

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    Whestone - 1990

    It all started in a foster home in the whestone, where two brothers
    were dumped here by an unknown person. The foster home was owned by the nuns.
    The foster home had about 30 young kids, so clearly the nuns didn't have
    time to look for every kid all the time, but of course they couldnt decline them and
    throw them on the streets. Everything was going fine for three years, after that
    in the middle of the night a fire has been started and most of people have gotten
    evacuated, except the two brothers which were dumped here 3 years ago and
    a five year old girl. Sadly the cops found the girl's dead body, but there
    was no sign of the two boys.

    SAPD - 2000

    The case of the two lost boys and the fire was on hold for ten years, but then one day someone called the sheriff
    saying that he knows all about what happened on 20th April 1990 in Whestone, saying that he knows where the two lost
    kids are at all these years, but then the call failed. Police department got the location and immediatly went to the caller's house,
    where they found a dead body. Apparently the 55 year old man knew too much and got killed after a few moments right after
    he wanted to tell about the case. The police searched the whole house and finally, they found secret stairs to the
    basement. Basement was full of pictures with kids being kidnapped and sent to Africa, South of the Sahara and in
    Northwest India. The police needed 2 years to make a move, after two years a woman decided to go after these kids alone, it
    took another year to make it there, but the women found them. They were laying in a "lions nest" crowded with lions around
    she made a distraction and stole them, brought them back home, but the kids were acting strange, they were like animals,
    but of course, they were raised by lions. It was all around the world, in the news, on tv, people were talking about
    this for another year.

    Age of Knowledge - 2010

    The Charpentier brothers as they called them, were 20 years old now, but in that time all around them
    went to shit,
    their foster parents died in a car accident, at least that's what everything thought but The Charpentier brothers knew there was
    a background to the fire. They were stubborn to find out what actually happend that day in the foster home, they weren't gonna let it go, so they decided
    to get to the bottom of it. First they started at the police station, when the sheriff left his room to go on a lunch break they went in his office
    and searched through old files.. they had to dig deep because that was 20 years ago. After a long time of looking around for something that could
    help them know what happen that day.. they finally found something. The Charpentier brothers quickly took the file and all of a sudden they were
    caught by the sheriff which luckily didn't see them take the file and just let them go. When they came home to their small hut that they had
    built themselves in the forest, they opened the file and the moment they did that, they wished they didn't. In the file there was so much
    information, that filled them up with anger, which they couldn't control. There were pictures of dead kids.. the burnt foster home.
    It said that behind the fire it was a street gang, but they were wondering why the police wouldn't tell them.. But when they finally
    came to the bottom of it.. they realized that the police had a contract with them that said that they couldn't ever tell anyone
    that it was the street gang or otherwise there would be consequences. The Charpentier brothers couldn't control their anger, they
    bought a few guns and hired a few people to help them do the dirty work. They located the mafia and killed them all one by one.. but the boss
    they brought him to their hut and made him suffer there until he died from pain. After all that was over they went after the police. They burnt
    down the whole station and everyone that was inside.. after that day no one was brave enough to even say a word to The Charpentier brothers.

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    We are a very professional and skilled criminal organization that is not good to mess with.

    Drug Dealing - We have one of the biggest most popular selling drugs in the whole of San Andreas.. everyone knows we provide the best quality and the most quanity for the
    lowest prices. We own a small building where our employees are working with all kinds of drugs that we then sell when they are ready. There is no possible way we ever get
    caught doing our job because we are very slick and careful with everything..

    Organ Trafficking - Beside our drug business, we also have another small building that we use for our Organ Trafficking business. Our employees have eyes on people that try
    to enter the country.. after they get through the cops.. we quickly search about the person.. and how healthy they are, and if they're healthy enough we hunt them down. After
    we kill them we chop their body and get out their organs and sell them around San Andreas.

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    -Respect the server rules.
    -Be respectful to higher ranks.
    -Never leave a brother behind.
    -Sacrifice yourself for a brother.
    -Do not spam the clanchat.
    -Do not insult other gang members.
    -Do not act bossy.
    -Do not ask for a promotion.

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    Organization Name: La Confrérie Des Lions
    Organization Panel: LaConfrerieDesLions
    Organization Founders: @Franklin
    Organization Godfather: @Franklin
    Organization Underboss: @Clayson
    Organization Consigliere: @Franklin @Clayson
    Organization Tags: [CDL]Name[RANK]
    Organization Helper Tags: [CDL-H]Name
    Organization Color: #862d2d
    Organization Discord:
    Organization Motto: Take the risk or lose the chance
    Organization Creation: 19th of November 2019
    Organization Level: -0-

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    LEVEL 5


    ~ Godfather ~ [GF]

    [CDL]Franklin[GF] ( @Franklin )


    LEVEL 4


    ~ Underboss ~ [UB]

    [CDL]Clayson[UB] ( @Clayson )

    ~ Consigliere ~ [C]

    N/A ( )


    LEVEL 3


    ~ Respecté ~ [R]

    [CDL]Hammer[R] ( @AlanWalker )


    LEVEL 2


    ~ Capo ~ [CP]

    N/A ( )


    LEVEL 1


    ~ Soldiers ~ [S]



    LEVEL 0


    ~ Associates ~ [A]

    [CDL]B^nJa[A] ( @BillShavy )
    [CDL]Polenta[A] ( @Polentaa )
    [CDL]DeeBlue[A] ( @DeeBluee )
    [CDL]Shrek[A] ( @SHREK1 )




    [thc]reket ( @reket )
    Silence ( @Silence0 )
    CripZ>JiiRak ( @Jiirak )
    [ThC]hRL ( @hRL )

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    Alliances: N/A

    Contacts: N/A

    Enemies: N/A

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    Our base:

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    alt textérie-des-lions-media-archive

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    -- In order to join our gang --
    -You must be active.
    -You must have decent English skills.

    Application Format

    Ingame name:
    Account name:
    Discord name & tag:
    Real name:
    Languages Spoken:
    Previous G/S/C (Why did you leave/get kicked):
    Explain our role and who we are in ur own words:
    Why would you like to join our organization:
    Why should we accept you:

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