[DISCUSSION] Fundraiser to rent/hire a scripter(s)?

  • Hi everyone,

    Recently there has been a lot of suggestions for new potential scripts - great to see! There are a lot of fantastic suggestions that could help out the server with its current player base, especially the lack of activities for the police side.

    Here comes the issue; the lack of free time for the current SAES developers. We have a few pensource members, who are interested in helping the server, which is also great to see. Obviously, their time is minimal due to having a proper job, or perhaps studying, which requires a lot of their intention.

    Here is where my idea comes to mind...
    How would the community feel about opening up a fundraiser (hosted by one of the HQs preferably, to ensure safety about your donations towards this fundraiser), which is purely to be used to rent/hire a scripter for some of the very brilliant ideas you, the community has?

    I understand that this would result in the current donations primarily aiming to help the server keep the lights turned on, however, with this idea, perhaps we could introduce quite a few new players to the server by extending the activities on the server?

    Let me know what you think - just a small Monday idea I had.

  • Brilliant idea.

  • translating into english from hebrew

  • Want to try that again but in English @zaza ?

  • @Brophy said in [DISCUSSION] Fundraiser to rent/hire a scripter(s)?:

    Want to try that again but in English @zaza ?

    I will if you pay me 800m

  • @zaza think of saes as a company, in a company not everyone knows how to do the taxes or to do asset management, each member has its function given by his capabilities. Also remember that being admin here its an act of volunteering, so in part howlze is right, having scripters working on the server while being payed will defenitly improve the quality of the server.

  • @Zaza it's not a simple case of just getting people in because you have to make sure the following:

    They can script to a good enough standard
    They can be trusted not to leak the core on the internet
    They can actually fit in the team

    It's all well and good saying what needs to happen, but sometimes what you want and what you get are different things, end of the day, people are playing a game which is older than most of the player base.