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    - World-class customer service, small-town customer care. -

    SAES:RPG || Global Express Trucking Co. – 02:15
    — GlobalExpress Trucking

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    The Global Express Trucking Company was originally founded in 2019, 10th November by Chairman Mr.Ramos.

    Chairman of the mentioned company has came along with his friends, who happens to be professional truckers. They've decided to work as a team. Which will bring completly new level to the trucking. Expect us soon on the roads!

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    The Global Express Trucking Company works under 2 big divisions. Trucking & Maintaining.


    - Trucking division is most likely known as the main division, which is basically correct. We're all about trucking, but let's not forget mechanics. In trucking division, we have 2 normal ranks for truckers, which are Trucker and Extreme Trucker. Personnel in trucking division are under supervision by Manager of Trucking Division. Above manager of the mentioned division, we do have 2 high ranked ranks which are also known as HQs. There's Field Manager and Yard Manager. Field Manager's job is to manage and supervise truckers trucking out there in the wide world, while job of a Yard Manager is to take care of our warehouses, loading and all that related stuff.

    Company will hire the best truckers on San Andreas, to ensure they deliver your load in time and perfectly.


    - Mechanical division is known as the second main division, which is correct aswell. Beside of truckers, mechanics are always needed, since vehicles and trailers are keep coming out as an trouble, when there's time to maintain. Mechanics will be taking care of all company vehicles, trailers. Beside of that, whole mechanical division will be supporting whole San Andreas in repairing, maintaining vehicles. You may expect our own workshops soon. In mechanical division, we have 2 normal ranks, which are Mechanic and Mechanic Technician. Personnel in mechanical division are under supervision by Manager of Mechanical Division. Above manager of the mentioned division, there's none else but company vice director either company director, since division is not known as the main one.

    Company will hire the best mechanics aswell, to ensure our trucks, your trucks, your vehicles will be maintained good and in the proper way by the cheapest possible prices.

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    Creation Date: 10/11/2019

    Founder: Ramos

    HQ Team: Ramos, Matthews, Ferthis

    Tags: [GXT]Nickname<Rank> & [GXT*]Nickname (Probationary)

    Motto: '' World-class customer service, small-town customer care. ''

    Company Value: 110.000.000 $

    Color: #DC3005 (RGB: 220,48,5)

    Skin ID: 261

    Official Media Archive: Click Here

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    Company Chairman <L>

    - Ramos


    Company Vice Chairman <vL>

    - Matthews


    Chief Executive Director <CED>

    - Ferthis

    Director of Warehousing <DoW>

    - Vacant

    Director of Field Operations <DoF>

    - Vacant


    GXT Mechanical Division Supervisor <MDS>

    - Script

    GXT Trucking Division Supervisor <TDS>

    - Markus


    GXT Senior Trucker <ST>

    - Zan

    GXT Senior Mechanic <SM>

    - Vacant


    GXT Extreme Trucker <XT>

    - Sergio

    GXT Mechanic Technician <MT>

    - Vacant

    GXT Honorary <VIP>

    - SAES>ZeKinG

    - James

    - Santos


    GXT Trucker <T>

    - Jake

    - Hax

    - Haley

    - ZoRo

    - Audi

    GXT Mechanic <M>

    - Rick


    GXT Probationary <P>

    - Figmash

    - Poodlyz

    - Aniss

    - Ridden

    - Mystic

    - Khamelion

    Total Company Members: 22

    Thanks to:

    James - Donation Vehicles

    Santos - Topic Banners


    Audi - 10.000.000 $

    Ferthis - 5.000.000 $

    Zan - 2.000.000 $

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    1. Play by the F1 rules!

    2. Respect player's, admins and listen to superior's inside the group.

    3. Don't DM anyone for fun!

    4. Don't insult other players on server. Even if they insult you. Just ignore them!

    5. Be active.

    6. Have fun.

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    Nothing of interest.

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    1. Nickname:

    2. Username:

    3. Age:

    4. Gender:

    5. Current/Previous groups you've been part of:

    6. Why would you like to join our Company?

    7. Which division do you prefer? (state why):

    8. Additional Information:

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    GXT HQ.

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  • Gl

  • Good luck

  • Another trucking company? Goodluck!

  • Seems professional, good luck!

  • Recruitment is officialy open.

  • Good Luck

  • Good luck lads

  • Thank you all for the good vibes!

  • Nickname: =Audi=
    Username: xxkawaiixx
    Age: 18
    Why would you like to join our Company? : I see that it is a new company and I would like to be part of it
    Which division do you prefer? (state why): Trucking I love trucks and enjoy every trip I do
    Additional Information: My name is David I am 18 years old my country is Mexico I study and in my spare time I play saes I like to drive trucks

  • Deleted

  • Best of luck!

  • Nickname: Sergio
    Username: Sergio
    Age: 20
    Why would you like to join our company? I like your role as a truck driver. I would like to stay in your company to give the best service to my "Company".
    Which division do you prefer? (indicate what): Trucker
    Additional Information: Hello My name is Sergio Reyes Guzman I am 20 years old I live in Mexico City I am very fond of how classic vehicles are like ah the trucks I and trucks have enough experience driving them so I would like to offer you my service my loyalty and of course my respect ah the company .

  • Nickname: Orten/Lipy
    Username: calebb
    Age: I'm 14 years old.
    Why would you like to join our Company? Because i'm interested to join this campany,and i want to learn more informations and improve that ingame.
    Which division do you prefer? (state why): Trucker because i like delivering.
    Additional Information: Hello there! My name is Moemen,I am 14 years old. I am from Tunisia. I have one brother and one sister. I like playing video games, such as MTA,Euro truck and City car.I'm playing saes for 4 years.

  • Good Luck👍🏻

  • On behalf of the company,

    We’d like to thank everyone for their nice wishes. We are mainly here to bring new level to the trucking. Expect us very soon on the roads of San Andreas.

    Director of Global Express Trucking Co.

  • Nickname: Tuemack
    Username: xwolf
    Age: 16
    Why would you like to join our Company? I am interested in playing as a civilian. Also, trucking is a really fun part of the game. I believe that your company has all the qualities to become official one day.
    Which division do you prefer? (state why): I prefer the trucking division, since I am a good trucker and I think I have the ability to make fast deliveries.
    Additional Information: Yea, my name is Tomaž. I am 16 years old and I come from a small village in Slovenia. In my free time I like to joke around with friends and maybe drink some cold ones with the boys. Thats about it.
    '' World-class customer service, small-town customer care. ''

  • Eyyyy Good Luck man i hope you wont give up easily

  • Company Application Format
    Nickname: ZoRo
    Username: ZoRo124
    Age: 17
    Why would you like to join our Company? i want to be a part in this Group because i want to play as trucker, also i want to improve my skills with it and help it with my skills and with y activity and Rps...
    Which division do you prefer? (state why): i want to join the Trucking Division.
    Additional Information: Hello my name is Aziz, a 17 years old of living in sousse(tunisia), i like to spend my free time playing with my PC, i love playing video games like MTA? CS;GO etc.. ,also i like playing football and handball with my Friends.