Adminjailed By @Kenny

  • Well, today i just got admin jailed for Deathmatching ( hidden admin ), after I've asked someone else, he told me that I got admin jailed by @kenny , I asked him who did I dmed or if I can get an evidence that I did but he said that he doesn't have or he doesn't have access to it after sorting thé report or something like that.
    Idk if he should listen to both sides or that shit also I don't care if he do or he don't I just want evidence.

  • i'm not part of this but since we get this argument a lot, let me try to explain how the report system work for us so everyone to get an idea

    when a player sends a report a copy of the death log, chat log, and damage log is attached alongside the screenshot he sends (if he sent one). those are not posted via link (like imgur) it's inside our reports panel and attached to the report itself, in order to view it you have to be an admin/staff yourself to have access to it. after the report is dealt with by an admin/staff it gets removed and once that happen it's can't be retrieved again (as far as i'm aware) hence we can't really show you evidences unless we screenshot it all from our report panel and then send it which in 95% of the cases is not necessary at all, and in the other 5% it's when we want to ask about something crucial in the case in our opinion or if it helps the case somehow. let me remind you that we are not obliged by any means to show the evidences to the reported player, it's totally up to us when seen necessary. in fact -and by server rules- an admin's word is final so only if you suspect he's taking it personal or abusing it you can report him to an HQ.
    We deal with hundreds of reports every single day, some reports require speaking to both sides, some reports require extra investigation, but in many cases the chat logs/damage logs/screenshot attached are just too obvious and proves without a doubt the player has rulebreaked beyond any "talks" (specially if the player has previous history of punishments).

    again i dont know much about your case or what was the reasons for your adminjail nor i'm a part of it. and i'm sure if you had a reasonable discussion with kenny you'd reach somewhere if you truly are innocent . i just wanted to clear those points above for you (and any others who read this post) for similar situations in the future

  • @ESO I understand this, but what if it's fake or IDK, what if I didn't DM anyone, should he talk to me before he sorts this report? also, why did he admin jailed me in hidden admin?

  • Regardless of people's side of the story, it's not ok to break server rules.

    Kenny wouldn't / shouldn't have issued the admin jail unless he had proof.

    Therefore unless you have video or screenshot evidence contrary to this, we will see it as valid punishment.

    Create a support ticket on discord if you wish to take this further.