Reporting server stealing SAES scripts/mods/everything new

  • well , hello , i want report server stealing everything from SAES , in the past there are someone from the server and he got banned from SAES , well the old name of server is " SARS " and now they changed it to " IGN " to let SAES admins thinnk they deleted their server , i tried to report them in MTA forum and i got banned from forum , also they are stealing SAES gangs/squads/groups names , thanks.

    screnshoot of ban :
    alt text

    but im not Mustafa.

  • This post is deleted!
  • we're well aware of the mentioned gaming community. as for your ban, it's your case to fight, not ours. I also recommend that you make these server accusations by sending a PM to management of SAES so that they can handle it appropriately. do not make such accusations on MTA, SAES or any other board. thanks!