[Forum suggestion] Establish List of Top 100 (or less) richest players on server

  • There could be a list of richest players on server which includes bank account. If it's also possible, also property worth and vehicles?

  • Ape.: 2B money+ cars+ prop

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  • I think its kinda impossible to calculate value of properties nowdays prices changes so much

  • I think wealth of players should remain private.

  • @ILLUSION well if the player itself want to keep it private

  • I'm having a hard time imagining how it would work. If it's an automated process, people will have no choice whether they want to keep it private or not.
    If it's not an automated process, you can create a scoreboard forum topic yourself and have people attach screenshots proving how much money they own.

    In both cases it doesn't work like /stats scoreboard of any kind because /stats can not be transferred, money can. It would be incredibly easy to work around they system and fake your numbers. If it's automated, I could withdraw 1bil from SWAT bank or have people lend me money until scoreboard numbers are refreshed. If it's manual, I could also withdraw 1bil from SWAT bank and have people lend me money, then take a screenshot of all that money and post on scoreboard before giving money back. Realistically, I own 2.5mil. On either of those scoreboard I could easily come off as owning 1bil, even though I don't.

    Alternatively if the scoreboard is automatically updated at a quick rate (hours) that would mostly prevent fake numbers however players would have no choice whether they want to keep it private or not. Maybe they'd have to explictly request for their individual account be removed from the list, but it's more likely to target absolutely everyone or no one at all.

  • This seems to be useless.

  • 666 days ago

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    On a serious note, It should remain private in my opinion, you can perhaps create a topic here on forums and let the people who wants to share their bank amount post it on the topic accordingly.