Cop Turf Involvement - Neutralizing

  • Ability for squads to trigger "turf war" in areas not currently affected by ongoing turf wars between gangs.
    If cops win and control the area, it is neutralized and is no longer under control by anyone until some gang takes control over it again.

    Cops are currently largely excluded from turf mechanics except for when they come to ongoing turf war between gangs and ruin everyone's fun. Furthermore this would increase the turf activity on daily basis with more players having the ability to participate as well as faster rotation between turf owners. Needless to say it would bring a fresh twist and a new third side to an old system which is turfing.

  • Quite cool idea but I have some questions.

    • Can cops arrest in the turf zone if they're ''defending'' it?
    • Can cops even defend it?
    • Shotguns allowed to slow the opposition down?
    • Will squads have sprays too then?
  • Well keep in mind that these days on average only 10-15% of players online are cops.
    That means 10 criminals per every cop, ability to arrest and slow using shotgun shouldn't come as much of an advantage.

    On the other hand if it was strictly between the invading squad and the defending gang with no helpers involved, arresting may as well be removed.
    You gotta remember that in first scenario cops don't stand a chance whatsoever without the ability to arrest.

  • sounds good, buut i would remoove arrest ability inside turf.
    sure there are alot less cops nowdays than crimes, but a turf belongs only to one gang + few helpers. alone a team of 4 cops does arrest all at turfwar where over 20 crimes+ involved.
    but either way this or the other way would be good