actives of server in cops

  • i hope make new things for rise money of arrest, make new skins if they got more arrest,rise time of jail like 420 to 600,and more squads member got arrest more than any clan in week or month got reward,and they got demoted if they Dont got like 1000 arrest in week or month. try make all trainers cop go in squads and learn them to be pro and give them more Objectives,regroup, tactic,for make any one want be cop.
    i talk like that even now aim crime. and soon i go gang.
    but really boring when almost all time no cops in game. make no challenge like game go in 1 side i love play in saesrpg. good players and i find good friends but we must have changes in our server or after while all will be boring from it hope that never happen.


  • @kimoz said in actives of server in cops:

    i talk like that even now aim crime. and soon i go gang.

    better go to copside they need help

  • I dont think we need to change the jail time from 420 to 600, i think its fine the way it is. The money you get from an arrest is fair as it is. Regarding the skins, you got a decent amount of skins already, as a normal officer (Trainee, State Trooper, Sheriff etc) as a Pro Cop you unlock even more skins. All in all i think all these things are fine the way they are.

  • @Vennelle u talk good.but almost all fun in crime.robbery bank, gang ,sell drugs, weapons,turf,a lot things.what cops do just run for try arrest 1 or 2 no new no Objectives no skills. that why all want play crime even me.
    i talk for the future must make new things for cops.

  • @KARIM i choose my side already 🙂
    no justice now time to make our law

  • @kimoz
    As a cop you can also go to SR, BR, VIP and turfs, just not with the same intention.

  • @Vennelle true talk but .no reward a lot from that see my topic again .and u will see what i mean.make clans member have reward from more arrest like they got demoted cause no activate u know what i mean i just want help to make our server stable criminals vs cops not all criminals vs criminals even some times no cops for do BR or VIP or any thing.

  • @kimoz Raise jail time from 420 to 600? 😄 what a great idea, ill never play as criminal again... I got 300k in half hour as cop by just stop jb and SR... Dont said that... Cop is richer than criminal. Want proof? Ask pro cop in the server... This will make server economy worse... Stop bullshitting and make useless topic

  • No, larger jail time is not the proper way to proceed with.

    The cops role is easy, the most of the squads are dead, thus the cops & the regular trainees need to play alone which make it even further boring.

    To be honest, as if there are 5-10 active squad members on daily basis per each squad, the cop side won't be even close to being boring, simply because they could go to Turfs, BRs, JBs and SRs, around 7-8 well organised cops (from the same squad, i guess) can easily shut down any of those activities.

    In my opinion, the squads should try talking with the new trainees, as surprisingly, I've been seeing some new trainees around that speak decent english. So it would be a good step if the squads manage to contact those people, show them and explain them how everything works to get their interest towards them, instead of just saying "apply in the forums", as saying that is completely pointless.

  • Perhaps we could enable it so that each cop gets cash when he closes the safes at a Public Bank Robbery and not just the first cop

  • Honestly, adding extra jail time would not motivate the Law Enforcement. The police side has been recently like, pretty dead.

    Also a major part is that I barely see any police officers respond to SRs nowadays, if so, they most likely just snipe and get killed eventually.

    What could be boosting is maybe make the SAPD bigger and serve a bigger purpose rather than just for the PC spawn, maybe a special unit or something that can be earned after you have perhaps done some tactical operations (RP wise), tests, and in general prove that you are worthy.

  • @yuriko its not about criminal or cop. i talk for future of server will be bad .if all go crime than cops. we need make new players go cop. more to make server stable. and more challenge .that why i ask make new reward in clans .they have more arrest .and if not they got demoted. its good than a lot cops afk all time .i was cop and i know almost all leader of clans and some people in cops be active but afk .for dont got demoted. its thing i want it gone.

  • @Cappo you are first one say some thing new good .clans must learn trainer rules how they play but i was in clan cop i only learn about rules. nothing else. how i go to this how i aim arrest .how do trab to them. a lot things dont learn or know. almost all clans leader and some in clans. be active but afk. all time that i say lets make rule for clans cops. if they dont got 1000 arrest .in week got demoted. like active. for be they have Objectives ,and dont be afk, and try hard ,to make server very good all time .

  • @yuriko

    The topic isn't useless, but presented solutions aren't the answer. The problem is that cop duty is only one thing, which is arresting.

  • @Bunny that is why i say make new rule for clans cops if they dont got 1000 arrest in week they got demoted some thing like that to make them be active and try learn trainer or new players in game play as cop be good and not afk all time

  • honestly i havent seen any dumber suggestion on saes than this...
    punishing squads that doesent make 1000 arrests & having afk people? this will lead that even less people want to be copside & squads dying completly..
    increasing jailtime to 600 secs ak 10mins? how this will motivate people to go copside? cops will have even less crimes to arrest if all are in jail longer.
    and more money/arrest will only fk up econemy even more, cops have rlly good arrest prices, if you arent nub, than is copside actually best way to earn money (in a team of 2people+ ofc).

    buut, instead could add this ideas:
    -squadmembers get abit more money than traines/procops, like ~200€+ more for one arrest. this could maybe motivate people to try more than just beeing some nubtraine.

    -the pbr/br idea: all pigs that enter a br & br stopped, all of them gets some extra money (depends how much safes stopped), this may motivate pigs to go to a br & maybe even teaming instead going one by one.

    -having people in squads that are good at leading other people/teaming like with traines/procops etc, but that need some good people that are ready to help nubs

  • I think that I speak on behalf of most cop players when I say that we don't want more money, we don't want it to be easier to arrest criminals, we don't want a faster car or change of rules to make our gameplay easier. Will some people be happy if those things happened? Sure. Would cops become more active? No. Something that becomes clear after only a few days of playing as a cop is that your experience is very limited. Some people tend to say that cops can attend all the criminal activities and that both sides have access to same variety of choices.

    This is absolutely untrue, let us take BR for example; yes it is true that both criminals and cops get to take part of BR, however criminals decide where and when, they choose their team before the start, they assign crackers, they organize defenses, they collect money and deliver it somewhere. What do cops do at BR in comparison? They show up and arrest people.
    When there's a jailbreak, criminal has to operate the gates and organize defense as well as a way to get out. Cops on the other hand do the same what they did in BR, they show up and arrest people. A turf war is happening between two gangs, they're spraying grafitti and taking control of the area, they take multiple areas of the map and compete for map domination. Meanwhile, cops once again show up and arrest people. This pattern happens everywhere else, whatever the situation might be the cop player will always do the same thing, no matter where he goes.

    For as long as cop gameplay is so limited and repetitive, people will get bored of it and go inactive. You won't get them active by giving them more money, weapons or cars, bringing new content to criminals then saying "cops can come to arrest at this new place too" doesn't make it new content for cops. Cops are treated as NPCs which are there only to respond to whatever criminals do. Until there are some serious changes made to cop gameplay rather than changes to cop/crim balance, people will find the experience boring because it really is boring.

  • @DROT true bro that what i say. make new Objectives for cops. cause they like 1 or 2 cop vs gangs and clans dont learn a lot about regroup. and learn them when do that and when do that .they just care about only 2 things. activity ,and rules ,not about RP. and they must make new things for them i say only example for money arrested reward more and make them more skills. i just want good things for our server. its like second home now. we meet there, play there, talk in it, have friends in it, share lot things.
    i want make seas rbg server stable for future.

  • Any of these things can be solved, vote for me, have my support. #LAPD4President

  • Someone make a script that pigs have to get the criminals into jail instead of just teleporting there. Just like VIP npc. When cop hits with nightstick criminal is held by the cop and cop delivers the criminal at the marker front of nearest police station. Of course there should be some kind of maximum value of criminals per time per one cop, like 2 or 3. Maybe arresting prize should be increased aswell. Also criminals could have possibility to save their mate while cop is bringing the criminal at police station ? This would give muuuuuucchhh work to the copside and also make it bit more realistic.

    Maybe some other changes should be made to police/criminal balancing due to this change because this completely would change the current gameplay between cops and criminals.