Mixed Sad/Happy.
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  • So Since September 14th 2019, at 7:29PM(19:29) , i have applied for a Ban Appeal At November 6, 2019, i got unbanned.

    So let's start with the 'Ban Appeal'

    Since September 14th of 2019, i have applied for a ban appeal. and asking why i applied?. because i did wrong or a rulebreak into the server. so yea. you know what unbanned feels like. your heart is beating so fast and excited to play the game that you get unbanned. for me . yeah it is, because i have so many friends in the game. asking why i created this topic? i created this because i was thankful to all of you. even my haters. yeah i am very thankful to you guys. even admins that hate me , players that hate me. i love you all. thankyou.

    My account 'theclub' is originally created around March/April of the year 2018

    so im just sharing my feelings, the 'teamwork' that me and my friend's did

    i miss all the things that my friends and me did, like giving help,jailbreaking and more. you know what it feels if you have 'true' friend right? yeah me i feel that. but my friends didn't. you know what? because i am a 'fake' friend. i mean, i lied , i make them angry,. but sometimes i made them feel good. like make them laugh,make them happy. by giving them money,guns and having a joke. you guys asking why i need to create this topic? it's all about to thankyou all. even you don't support me. and yeah. it's okay to me if my ban appeal took so long atleast i got unbanned like i can be with my friends again. yeah i am a bit Mentally Retarded so it doesn't mean you have to hate me. i know why you guys hate me . because i am stupid,dumb,mentallu retarded,annoying. but forgive me. i can make a new beautiful life again.

    so before when i logged in saes, i found my bestfriend "Smurf" and told him about me , i said "Bro i have something to say on you" , "i am Martin James i lied to you i'm sorry" and he didn't forgive me . you know why? because i am dumb,stupid i shouldn't lie, i shouldn't be dumb i shouldn't be stupid but yeah. i can't stop myself being a mentally retarded human

    Is it okay if you don't want to be my friend/unlike my topic. i understand it.

    so i hope you all understand what i'm talking about. before you type me some "bad comments" understand the topic first


  • Who was keeping the count? This is his x topic doing that? But man seriously just move on and no need to speak bad things about yourself publicly if you wont respect yourself no one will. Peace.

  • My dude why don't you start writing books?

  • @Nishki said in Mixed Sad/Happy.:

    My dude why don't you start writing books?

    lazy to do it mate xd 🙂

  • I think that you're having a hard time understanding that this is a game, place where people come so that they don't have to give a shit. This tendency that you have to take irrelevant and unimportant things and turn them into something important and dramatic is what annoys people.

    Believe it or not, 99.9% players aren't here to make friends, hold hands and think happy thoughts. They don't care in the least about who said what or who lied to who, what your nickname might be, why you were banned, who told what to who, this is not Spanish soap opera, it's a game. Place where people come to relax and have fun, not to care about other people and their emotions. We are not here to give you emotional support and a pat on the back. If you want that, go and experience the real life. Games are not a place for that.

    Before you brush this off as just another "bad comment", not all help comes in form of saying nice things. You seem to have trouble understanding why you're where you are so I thought I'd try and explain. This is the second topic you made with purpose of dramatizing and making yourself a victim. You need to understand that people don't care. Nobody cares except for you. The only reason you're a victim is because you made yourself a victim. Quit whining, man up and continue living your life.