Reporting @Bone for admin negligence

  • When I posted this report:

    Bone discarded any possibility that he might have been wrong and told me to deal with it while avoiding my questions about the case.
    I really enjoy playing on this server(it's the only GTA:SA server I play) and I believe the admin team should be superior in these kinds of situations, not inferior.

    I presented video proof and arguments and I was blocked out with a "in short deal with it." and an insult.
    I'd like to request the help of other admins if possible as I am being wronged and disrespected by an admin.

    But it isn't unfair to just me, this kind of work by Bone is disrespectful to the hard work of other admins that actually solve reports fairly and put work into it instead of just saying "stop being a cunt and deal with it" and lock and archive it.

    So I am opening another report in belief that another admin will try to understand my situation and side of story as this was an action not possible for Bone, thank you for your time.

  • This post is deleted!
  • making myself a coffee and will write you a essay that will drop your pants

  • right, your report start of with that youtube footage so lets begin from there.

    you come over from lvx to halfway the road where you meetup with a group of people in this case ( Westbrook,Polat,DNzg,Armade,Kockata )
    full brake with the ambulance you stop and circle back to the group thats nicely waiting at the side of the road.
    To mention you are spawned as medic and having 0 wanted stars you stop infront them and step out the vehicle
    Out of nowhere you become the bad medic and attempt to steal the vehicle westbrook is driving
    You successfully steal it and drive off with Polat and DNzg still in the vehicle the nice medic as you are you decide to circle around them which can be named as "provoking" cause you know damn well you are about to shot. but because you are a medic you think you are immune and take advantage from there.

    Your action caused their reaction to shoot you aka defending their property, in this case, its the vehicle you have stolen from them now we can go on and argue whether it is his car or not at the moment you stole it it was his and not yours. you had no reason to be there apart from provoking them this is hardly proven by the moment that you said "im going to upload to youtube" and wait abit longer incase they shoot you more so you have a "in your eyes a reason to report"

    So me being biased is a false statement as i judged according to the evidence you provided which show you were the cause of it all.

  • This isn't about being a good or bad medic(and btw I don't see in the rules where it says I can't role-play as a bad medic so no reason to say that other than it being a personal attack), it's about a rule-break done by Westbrook and your claim that I did a false-report. It's also about your negligence of trying to understand things from my side and trying to answer the questions which are vital to solving this(and you're doing it again).

    Doesn't matter if it's his car because I wasn't in it anymore and about being recording at the time I've started to record while playing.
    They had no reason to shoot me after the car was destroyed already, there was nothing more to protect but he took 2 shots out of wanting to get back at me, unfortunately for him the way he "got back at me" is considered a rule-break as in this case "DM".
    So in case they shoot me more you mean in case they DM me more?

    You being biased is NOT a false statement because quoting from you "therefore you do not act your role <<punishment is based upon player history>>".
    The punishment is biased ofc.
    Or if you decided the rule-breaker was westbrook would you ban him for 5 days for DM?

    Quoting again from Rules & Regulations: "Do not create false reports. You will receive the same punishment the victim of your false report would have."
    Clear, simple well-written rule that you failed to follow.

    It's also clear you took a dislike to my person and are not being fair because of this.
    So please, I'd like to request the judgement of another admin who could distance himself from personal feelings.

  • dont know what you are trying to achieve here when its clear you are the cause of your own report 🤷
    will let @Magnus decide

  • Are you still denying that Westbrook DMed me?

  • @Hyng said in Reporting @Bone for admin negligence:

    Are you still denying that Westbrook DMed me?

    have never mentioned im denying stop putting words in my mouth.
    yes he has dm'd you in such way... but as stated before you are the cause of his reaction so its your own fault.

    topic locked wait for magnus to respond.

  • Westbrook shouldn't of killed you after you exited the vehicle, that is indeed considered deathmatching. So your report is valid. Now you're going to say you're wrongfully banned. No you're not wrongfully banned, you're just banned with the wrong reason. Your punishment log shows us that you have a history of breaking the server rules, despite many warning/punishments. And now you're stealing cars as a medic purely to be a cunt. That's just pushing your luck.

    Let me quote something we have in our rules:
    "Overall if you are found to interfere with other users gameplay in a negative way, which is not an intended part of the game, there will be repercussions."
    Stealing cars as a medic isn't the intention of the spawn, that's purely done to interfere with other users gameplay in a negative way.

    Me and Bone have had a chat, and decided to unban today since you were banned with the wrong reason. Make sure to follow the rules, and act your role when playing on our server in the future.