Reporting @Bone for banning me without proper evidence or validity

  • So about 4-5 days ago this happened and I reported westbrook:
    Video proof:

    When today I came back to the server I was banned for 5 days (ending in 06/11/19 @ 16:58).
    The admin did not speak to me in any occasion about this nor was I online at the time of ban.

    So I'd like to know how he came into the conclusion that my report was fake when I was shot after the car was blown-up, and how in relation to the punishment(if it would actually be fake reporting) it amounts to a ban of 5 days according to rule 12.
    Rule 12 from Do not create false reports. You will receive the same punishment the victim of your false report would have.

    Are you saying you would have banned westbrook for 5 days for the DM he committed againts me?

  • Lets keep it short it wouldn't be your first time, besides you are a medic and knowing the consequence after hijacking a player vehicle therefore you do not act your role punishment is based upon player history

  • So your biased opinion is of greater value than the rules?

    The "consequence" of hijacking is responsibility of the car's owner, but that consequence ends after I've exited the vehicle and ESPECIALLY after it has been destroyed.

    You can see in the video that westbrook shoots me and tries to play dumb about it because he himself knows that he committed a rule-break.

    And can you talk about the "fake reporting" too please?
    If you picked up my report on westbrook you can clearly see in the video that I put in the report(same video of this post) that he indeed DMed me and it was not a false report, how do you explain, that after seeing the video evidence you still decided to ban me?

    Do you not believe westbrook committed DM?

  • simple as it is dont be a cunt by provoking people knowing they will shoot you in return of your own action.
    in short deal with it.

    locked and archived.