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    (most of introduction info are taken from wiki as it's inspired from an irl party with some modification to fit sa rp)


    The Ennahdha Party also known as Renaissance Party or simply Ennahdha, is a self-defined "Muslim democratic". Founded as "The Movement of Islamic Tendency" in 1981, Ennahdha was inspired by the Iranian revolution,and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, it has also been called by Robert F. Worth "the mildest and most democratic Islamist party in history". Rached Ghannouchi is the movement's founder and has remained its president for 38 years without interruption.


    Succeeding a group known as Islamic Action, the party was founded under the name of "The Movement of Islamic Tendency" After the SA riots for freedom in January 1984 the government suspected the MTI of involvement in the disturbances, and arrested many of its supporters. The MTI leaders had encouraged their followers to join in the riots, but the government produced no proof that they had organized them. The persecution of the MTI enhanced its reputation as an organization committed to helping the people. In 1989, it changed its name to Ḥarakat Ennahḍha and started a more peaceful actions towards the goverment as the acceptance become mutual with the fall of the old anti-islamic goverment that rained between 1980-1992.

    MTI: Movement of Islamic Tendency

    Heads of the party:

    Leader: Rached Ghannouchi (Filex)
    born 22 June 1941 at the age of 78 the founder and head leader of the party for more than 38 years and it's main inspiration and idealogy influencer ranked as one of the 100 most influencial people in the world according to Time's publishing in 2012

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    Vice Leader: Abdelfattah Mourou (Jesse):
    born 1 June 1948 at the age of 71 he is the second man in the party with his founding rights back in the MIT days until the modern days, he was one of the biggest fighters in the party and still the leader of every yearly meeting the party does to welcome it's supporters

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    Old Members:

    Tounsi Mti9ger (Noizi)
    Known with this nickname from tunisian origin as his read name (Samir Lahmer) After his actions towards the party he became one of the most useful members after he entered the people's hearts with his famous speech that gave the right to the poor and the homeless in having a normal life, his ideas were most common with the party's so he joined in 2014 and become one of the heads along the years.


    Layka Chfama (Pump)
    After his famous interaction with one of the ppl that abused him he became one of the most known faces in the country which led him to get into our party as it is the closest to his ideas.


    Jalel Brick (Adistar)
    Born 15 august 1963 after early years of atheisme he came to understand the existence of a creator which led him in becoming one of the biggest believers and indeed reaching the biggest islamic party in SA our's

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    Other names:

    Mohamed Pearl (Pearl)
    Mohamed Amara (Amara)
    Mohammed Saleh al-Hamdi (Klay)
    Mariem Ben Moulehom (Colo)
    Mohamed Kadhman (xtream): Muslims supporter for years and against discrimination makes him the best fit for the party
    Rabi3 Bouden (K2rythm) : From years of immigration he became one of the biggest supporters in the party as he is one of the beloved ones inside the country
    Hmid Satour (Reus) : One of the biggest proganda faces in the history of SA


    The party consists of a leader , a vice leader and Old Members who are the Heads of the party responsible of applying decisions took with a previous vote that members take part in, rest of the party are those members that are able to share ideas and take a part in the voting.
    Old members are those with the right to revolt against the leader & vice leader and all of them are either respected or chosen by members to be a part of that class, as old presents wisdom and respect inside the party

    Idealogy & Beliefs:

    • Brief : Conservative democracy, Social conservatism, Economic liberalism, Islamic democracy

    • All the main subjects that islam took part in and indeed all the beliefs that islam has including love peace and solidarity towards the people and the brotherhood inside the party

    • Freedom as it's a natural right for every human/citizen

    • Equity for every citizen

    • Unity between all the people to create a powerful national based on understandings between people

    • Development & Organized work as it's the main reason of the politics's presence according to the party

    How to join:

    You need first to be :

    • A muslim (not really just for rp reasons this is present)
    • Believe in party idealogy and beliefs
    • Be a citizen of sa for more than 5 years
    • Age 20+ (that's the rp age real age 16+)
    • Rp name should be (Mohamed + "Whatever you want")

    and then you need to meet one of Heads in game and fill the small application just after this message after you finish your meeting your answer will be posted and most cases we don't refuse people if they have the minimal requirements as they are the necessary

    **Name & Rp Name:** 
    **Small intro about your rp character (3 lines max): **
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    Name & Rp Name: K2rhym & Rabi3 Bouden
    Username: Icecream69
    Age: 18
    Small intro about your rp character (3 lines max): Rabi3 bouden is one of the savior & molhem for our generations nowadays, he is literally the one keeping tunisia funny a little bit at least. Either, WIOOUUUUUUUUUUUU is my expression & i'm really glad i've been able to find such a party.

  • Name & Rp Name: Xtream & Karmadhi
    Username: klevis11
    Age: 21
    **Small intro about your rp chaacter (3 lines max): ** Karmadhi is a muslim activist which is doing his best to protect the Muslims rights and fight discrimination towards the religion. Karmadhi owns a mosque and every weekend he offers every poor muslim family food and stuff they need. Karmadhi is the face of the Muslim Religion

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  • @K2rhym @Xtream Welcome Accepted

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    Name & Rp Name: Reus & 7med satour
    Username: Karamani
    Age: 17
    Small intro about your rp character (3 lines max): Ahmed Satour is one of the stars of the world and is the biggest strongest liar in Tunisia and in the world and is known for his lie. [اي شبعة ضحك ]

  • @Reus Accepted

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    Name & Rp Name: klay & Mohammed Saleh al-Hamdi
    Username: bendhiab
    Age: 19
    Small intro about your rp character (3 lines max): Mohammed Saleh al-Hamdi is the national security adviser and bodyguard of Ennahdha. He works to protect politicians as they move to their Workplace and meetings

  • @Klay Accepted Welcome

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    Good luck

  • Name & Rp name : Colobria & mariem ben moulehom {https://imgur.com/Kcmy7Ne}
    Username: xxsouheilxx
    Age : 19
    Small intro about your rp character (3 lines max): Mariam Ben Melhem is a Tunisian actress born on 25 June 1989 (29 years) in Tunisia. Whore became famous with a sentence ( موتو فتفيتو أنا الملكة)

  • @Colo Accepted Hahhahaha welcome
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