banning drugs (SPEED)

  • The purpose of drugs is to have fun with it for example you can spend some nice time jumping around, like a human frog when you are boosted with weed or get those LSD effects banging up and be like wow.
    We can not say that about speed it only destroys the balance between the cop and crimnal side, it also makes the need of skill less mandatory, and puts the need of money on top for a gameplay where you win.

    Edit the game with-out speed would be funnier and better, skill vs skill.

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  • i agree we should banned all drugs too drugs for stupid people

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  • Whilst, yes, speed is absolutely a horrible gameplay element, it serves a purpose to balance out the fact that the police side has a spammable shotgun that halves a criminal's ability to sprint at almost 0 cost. If speed were to be removed it'd also require, in my opinion, the removal of the shotgun.

    Or you know the speed effect could wear off when shooting and shotgun could have a 10 second cooldown

  • Well, it would definetely bring a disadvantage to crim side since cops have a shotgun so yeah, a no from me.

  • Im addicted cant allow that to happen

  • did you know that lately many cops buying it ? u can find drug dealers in front of banks during br's also jail during jb's ..
    So for sure i'm against this ..

  • @ExtraDip22 Right, what @Herrjorss mentioned removing the rubber shotgun would be nice next to the speed.
    I'm also looking at the gang view to have speed removed. It would be only skill against skill at the turfs.

    Getting to @TripleX, Yes. That is why I started this topic to get this speed removed and let the real skill take the gameplay over.

  • Removing speed from the drug list will make drugs die out kinda. 90% of all the drugs bein used is the speed. The rest 10% are thw others.

    If cops now find this an advantage for crims, then find a local drug dealer and buy some yourself.

    We should also have a system where we can save drugs just like guns in our disc. Been requested alot of times!

  • -1 Why dont you just ban all drug? People only buy speed nowaday...

  • No.. Cops can arrest you with or without speed and people can get away with and without speed. Just leave it

  • Get PC spawn and use shotgun

  • Bring back glue on cars, remove kill-arrest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Honestly I can agree with Siper but it has gotten to the point everyone is used to it. I don't see any reason of removing it since every uses it and I bet we will get way too much bullshit around the forums if it gets removed.

  • Balanced gameplay? You sir have even a idea what you're talking about? Where's the fucking balance when pigs spawn infront of your nose pretty much inside the jail with M4 in a hand after getting killed, or slowing you down with a rubber bullets regardless if you're under speed influence or not. Speed is just a temporary advantage for criminals because once it worns off, you'll have twice bigger chance of ending up in the jail again, and as above mentioned, it's a fucking nightmare getting out from the jail once again, with speed or without speed because once you set yourself behind the wall, all you need to do is scratching balls and waiting for criminals to run towards you. You cops tell us that we're overpowered and blabla, learn to fucking taze instead and use some proper tactics, because in the end of the day all you need is one clean shot with a tazer, and there's a 90% chance the criminal you've tazed, will end up at the jail again. So long story short, you need to have skills regardless (tactical, aimwise) if you're under the speed or not, because your mom doesn't play for you, it's you who does.

    I've possibly told that before in previous topics, my opinion to that will stay same regardless of what anyone thinks. Fuck da police, #crimsinceday1.

  • Speed has been in the game for as long as I can remember. I agree with the fact that it shouldn't be as easy to get as it is today. Every criminal has speed, and let's be real - catching a criminal with speed while you don't have pretty much impossible (in the case that you're patrolling alone). I don't think speed is where the change should be made, really - there are other priorities we need to balance before looking into (smaller) cases such as this.

    The first thing that needs to be balanced is the bank interiors; there needs to be changed soon, as this is one of the main reasons as to why the cop side is bleeding, a lot. It is simply impossible to succeed at a bank robbery for cops, as not only is the police to criminal ratio 1:8, but the interior has a large margin of favor for the criminal side, due to the alleyways, which is extremely easy for criminals to spam. I love the interior @Sam_ made here: – This allows the cops to win over the banks in case a bank robbery is in place.

    There is a need for a change soon; otherwise I am afraid that the cop side is going to die sooner than expected.

  • Tbh, most criminals dont even use speed 24/7 as u guys think, we do only use speed at turfs/jailbreaks and such, and even as a cop you can get us anyway its about the skills, if u think we are ocerpowered fuck off really, cops got killarrest and stuff. If we start a jailbreak as crim, you cops just need to team up and you would easily win the jailbreak. Speed isnt even giving us any advantages inside the jail.