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    The state of San Andreas has been submerged in a critical economic and social state, where only police groups must change to the high level of crime, as a result of the economic crisis and unemployment. Therefore, our team has a package of measures to restore order throughout the state.

    Economic Measures: Increase of the minimum wage for all kinds of civil works, elimination of housing tax, creation of monthly car tax, free service of gasoline and mechanical workshops.

    Measures in public safety: The salary of emergency services will increase considerably in all its classes, increasing the budget for SAPD, SAI, SAPA, SAM and SAFD. Road and highway improvements for accident reduction, in addition to the creation of an emergency car system. Creation of a vehicle registration department in the state of San Andreas. To improve coexistence, public sites will be created, in addition to its improvement and the government will contribute money for the events.

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    Candidates for elections of the last period of 2019

    President: Spanish
    Vice President: Planet
    LS Central: GreenCity

    The internal team of the presidential team will be publicly announced by the press officer.

    If you have any questions or want to join our team you can write to the private chat of @LAPD_Spanish_VEN

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