Republican Party

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    The Republican party is made up of high members in politics, security, economics and laws. Founded in October 2019, it is currently one of the most prestigious political parties in the state of San Andreas

    Our HeadQuarters currently in Rodeo in Los Santos
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    The state of San Andreas has been submerged in a critical economic and social state, where only police groups must change to the high level of crime, as a result of the economic crisis and unemployment. Therefore, our team has a package of measures to restore order throughout the state.

    Economic Measures: Increase of the minimum wage for all kinds of civil works, elimination of housing tax, creation of monthly car tax, free service of gasoline and mechanical workshops.

    Measures in public safety: The salary of emergency services will increase considerably in all its classes, increasing the budget for SAPD, SAI, SAPA, SAM and SAFD. Road and highway improvements for accident reduction, in addition to the creation of an emergency car system. Creation of a vehicle registration department in the state of San Andreas. To improve coexistence, public sites will be created, in addition to its improvement and the government will contribute money for the events.

    If you have any questions or want to join our team you can write to the private chat of @LAPD_Spanish_VEN

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    During this election period. The Republican Party has had a team to verify the status and development of this election. Therefore we make the following comments to the public.

    First, several administrative and society complaints about advertising problems were received with our team, so an audit was carried out and we accepted full responsibility for the facts and the necessary corrections were made.

    Secondly, our patrol team has collected information and irregularities have been found regarding the purchase of votes and illegal advertising. We will not make the complaints publicly, but it will be made available to the agencies and a court if required. Therefore, we demand better conditions for the upcoming elections and the creation of a competent and responsible electoral body.

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    FINAL ELECTORAL REPORT - December 2019

    The Republican Party team congratulates and openly recognizes the candidates who won the election and who will serve as Representatives of our nation. Our team has already contacted them and can count on the help of our entire team. We expect improvements in the quality of life of our citizens and we will defend them against any irregularity. congratulations

    At another point, we also congratulate non-winning candidates for their courage and leadership in serving the nation and they are a great example as citizens.

    Finally our team will work hard for the next election and internal improvements in our team, as well as better conditions for the next election.

    We hope you have a Merry Christmas from our entire team.