My thankful to SAES.

  • Hello.




    Yeah here old buddy that were playing here long time ago. I want to say Thank you! Thank you to everyone who played with me, who shared me this amazing community! Thank you SAES Team that you found so wonderful and so helpful server. Thank to guys that trust to me, who given me a chance to join SWAT, DE, AA, SAi, Zip, SAFD, SGS.
    I’ve earned a lot of new experience that I can use in real life now. I’ve learn English here and lots of ways how to create your resume, how to find a way to talk each other. I want to say that this is the best way to learn a new language and earn life experience with the best community ever.

    Now I changed few jobs and you know what? English is required for good positions. It’s so important to know it.
    I have good position in a good international company which I just joined but as first my English knowledge helps me a lot to earn experience with Robots and PLC.

    Yeah, all of my words can seems for you crazy or stupid but cmon do you remember that I’m Russian and living in small city? Yeah, I’m not from an rich family, and my mother not a wife of Donald Trump.
    I was an racist Russian kid and grow up to serious and also funny guy that likes each other county, Each nation.

    So all life in your hands. Earn experience out of everything that you touch or spend your time for.

    In the end of my post I want to say one thing again - Thank you SAES! I’ll never forget this time that I spent with all of you.
    Dear SAES team I wish you long time being online!☘

    See you in game one day!


  • Man, I'm glad to hear that a videogame and a toxic community actually helped you to develop your language skills that is great. I wish you well in your life and make sure to remember good things and take care of yourself.

  • EEEE

    Good luck in the future, slav brother

  • See ya and good luck

  • Psyghost i miss you bro 🙂 i hope to see you ingame one day take care 😉

  • also now 10k for my english school : D

  • @Bartman
    i thoug you got a dildo school run. ;v

  • ^alt text

    We have been together pretty much time in-game, we've been leading together SGS, working for that service, making that active, actually roleplay back then were more widespread, actually even in SAFD while BMaster were leading that. I do quite like when some players make a nicely post similiar to this one, it's always good seeing some good members showing up.

    I'd like to thank you man for making me a smile because of this post, wish you best of luck in your life, and I hope you'll show up in-game one day too, whenever you have time.


  • @Spicey
    i got school for everything, also one of most importants schools is the "bartmans how to press x school" : D