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    1987 - Back in the time Grove Street Families gang members was way too much spreaded over the Los Santos. A group of families has settled on the boulvard of the SouthEast of los santos and started to live there.

    1989 - By the time gang members was according to the hood , the neighbour hood was an Vagos turf. GSF and Vagos was not likely close to each other back in the time. That's how first turf wars started for Boulvard Families.

    1991 - Boulvard was getting bigger and shit was getting heavier. People was fell into drugs and snitching to earn their life. Grove families didn't meant to help Boulvard Families and that's how green on green fight began.

    1993 - People on high rankings was taking jobs to another level for Boulvard Families. Which provided gang to sit to a table with Criminal foreigner gangs and Mob's which lead the gang to bringing weeds and cocaines to street to sell others.

    1995 - Boulvards was didn't liked by most of the several Grove families. Was exclusioning by others which it enforced the gang to attack other turfs of GF. Started by gangbang on Mullholland Drive st. From Grove street families , after being and close Vagos turf was having heat on the street they kept pushing toward San peeso st Vagos. And finally on temple drive turf.

    1998 - Gang was going well on SouthEast LS but didn't wanted to stay where they are. Making several agreements with thugs from Wetcounty , Dallas , Bonecounty with some mobs and Biker gangs for drug trafficking and also arms dealing. Which retain the rope and made Boulevards to Las Venturas And to Several Counties.

    2003 - After years Boulevards was spreaded whole country and made a lot of shit on gang side and also on underground , While they took a lot of attention by making this much noice FBI and DEA was tailing them to catch'em on job. Was a missery to deal with pigs , they started to take some help from people who onto political jobs which is ; lawyers , righters and bunch of stuff. To whole effort is not wasted for little small mistakes.

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    In the beginning Boulevard families was tried to gain their life by working like slaves in any type of works. By the time Gang members can pickpocket civillians who passes or who they kept their eye on. Being drug trafficker with loads of trucks to other states. Without weapons no gang is a gang. They started buy direct from manufacturors and selling unnecessarily ones to the whoever wishes to buy. By the time armed robberies and kidnapping famous people for great ammount of money's are became a job for Boulevard Families. But they never sold their green soul. Our blood flows green whenever we are on the street people watch one step , because it could be anything when Boulevard Families rolling.

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    Date of Found : 22.10.2019
    Motto : GROVE4LIFE!
    Gang Color : 85A087
    Gang Level : 0
    Gang Money : 15.000.000$
    Our Discord Channel :
    Gang Tag: [BF]Name~Rank or [BF]Name
    Total Members: 6

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    ~š’±š’¾š’øš‘’ šæš‘’š’¶š’¹š‘’š“‡~

    ~š’žš’½š’¾š‘’š’» šµš‘œš“Šš“š‘’š“‹š’¶š“‡š’¹~

    ~šµš‘œš“Šš“š‘’š“‹š’¶š“‡š’¹ š’žš‘œš“Šš“ƒš’øš’¾š“~


    ~š’žš‘œš“‡š“ƒš‘’š“‡ šµš‘œš“ˆš“ˆ~

    ~š’®š“‰š“‡š‘’š‘’š“‰ š’žš’¶š“…š‘œš“ˆ~

    ~šµš“š‘œš’øš“€ š’«š’¾š“‚š“…~
    @Vice , @stenpro1

    ~š’®š“‰š“‡š‘’š‘’š“‰ š’®š‘œš“š’¹š’¾š‘’š“‡~
    @akira-alioua , @striker




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    Stockhouse at Bonecounty
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    Playa del Rey / Seville Boulevard Yard
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    ā˜… Read and Obey server rules which can be found in F1 menu in-game.
    ā˜… Be respectfull to your gangmates and your higher ranks.
    ā˜… Follow instructions of HQ's and don't act foolishly at least most of the time.
    ā˜… If you're spawned as cop change your tag.
    ā˜… You'll be warned when you do an Rulebreak getting more then 3 warning can get you kick.
    ā˜… Roll with your hommies. Our street is our home , our hommies are our families.

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    -1 - Personal Information-

    Nick :
    Real Name:
    Account Name:

    -2 - General Knowledge-

    Previous G/S/C:
    Languages Spoken:
    Have you ever been banned or adminjailed?:
    Why did you wanted to join Boulevard~Families?:
    Rate your english out of (10/?):
    Why should we accept you?:
    Throw out some gang signs:

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