[SUGGESTION] 2-door police vehicle

  • It has come to my attention that we don't really have a decent 2-door police car.

    We do have the police turismo which is available for donators with a wrap, but to be honest, it's really not the best vehicle to go after criminals and pursue them because its handling is awful, therefore I'm suggesting to add a new police car mod (basically sirens) with 2 seats, which is Cheetah.

    You probably all know when you get wanted for 6 stars in Vice City/San Andreas, some high profiled agents show up in a black police cheetah with sirens on, so it's a good choice, why not? I mean cops can already use the normal cheetah while patrolling, but wouldn't it be even more cool and RP-ish to be able to put sirens to it?

    It could be available to get as a donation reward or even as a squad reward, and the vehicle's acceleration, top speed and handling would be just the same as any other cheetah with v8 + awd, so criminals can't complain and it's equal for both sides.

  • Why not... +1

  • "fantastic" ,amazing" good SUGGESTION , yesssssssssss

  • I'm always with u @Terry so I choose no

  • +1 its good idea

  • I think this would be way much cooler than cheetah
    alt text

  • @JoGe HPV 2.0

  • Cheetah ye, @NubBob Eesti PD

  • There's one coming for a vehicle which remains a surprise, but we can look into expanding to multiple other vehicles. this was suggested a while ago but can't give an ETA on release date.

    Also I'm aware of Turismo not being good for anything except maybe races but I haven't been around the server for up close 50 days so my memory is slacking a bit. once I get my priorities set, I'll be returning and see if it can be improved.