create a gang

  • hello I would like to create a gang but I do not know how to do it

  • Hello, firstly I would suggest you to ask questions @ SAES discord, there is a channel called #help-and-support to ask such questions without spamming the forums 😄

    Next, if you want to create an organization (it can be a gang, a squad or a company) then use the

    /create Organization_Name
    command in-game. After that you can choose what you want to make your organization into, a Gang, a Squad, or a Company.
    After making one you can make Tags for it and wear them in your nick to show that you are from this gang/squad/company
    For example, Black Bullets have [B~B]Tags, Arms Assassins have [AA]Tags.
    Then you should make a good topic about your gang in the forums in the gangs forum and then add a Media Archive accordingly.

    You will start at Organization level 0
    Each month you can apply for a Level up here

    But check first before applying.

    When your Gang/Squad/Company reaches level 2 you can get rewards such as Base, Spawn, Guns and Cars