• Currently, the amount of money sinks are low, and you can straight buy off everything you need. What if you couldn't?

    That's where salvaging would take part in. You can salvage(destroy) your own vehicles permanently, in order to gain vehicle parts (1-3 different parts) There's common, rare and very rare part that you can get each time you salvage a vehicle. The costier vehicle, the better odds in getting the more rare parts.

    Why would you salvage your vehicles?

    We'd remove buying V8 and all that affects the vehicle handling/speed and add them as salvaging rewards. The only way you could be able to get V8 is by salvaging your vehicles, forcing you to buy different vehicles and scrapping them off in order to get parts. The better the car is, the more parts it requires. This would make V8 and the other add-ons way more valuable, and would give people something to aim for. Salvaging could also be used to make your vehicles bit more resistant to bullets.

    This could also work in weapons. You could salvage your AK-47, M4, Snipers in order to get weapon parts. Having enough weapon parts could allow you to construct small amounts of armour, knifes or satchels. In my opinion, this would be way more interesting way to gain valuable guns, other than just buying them straight off from a shop


    Forces you to buy way more vehicles in order to get V8, one vehicle won't cut it. You can destroy weapons to gain parts, which you can use to put V8 in your vehicles. Same for weapons. Puts some RNG in getting the vehicle parts, and selling V8 vehicles would be way more valuable in order to avoid having to roll for luck. Also puts a good market for vehicles

  • Torille ! Sounds a great idea but doesnt this make rich people even more overpowered to compared new players ? Just a thought that came in my mind. And what would happend to existing engine upgrades etc. ?
    Also about money sinks, like boat can be bought for ridiculous amount of money, why not planes ? like shamal 500m etc. ?

  • @JoGe

    We could remove all the V8's being one idea, or adding a v10 is also one. As for making rich people overpowered, I don't think so. There's luck involved, so you can get very unlucky. Most of the people are here rich anyways, so the money isn't a problem. Having 10-25% armour won't really be game chancing, but allow you to take bit more beating.

    Imagine having to buy around 10 Super gt's in order to get enough parts to craft one V8 in your vehicle. To another player, it might be 15 Super GT's in order to make V8. It depends a bit on luck, but it would make V8's price way better. This would also make groups like TMH have a good role selling those vehicles (they'd raise in price, since you cannot straight off buy them from mod shop)

    Not to mention, I don't think rich players mind having to spend more cash on stuff that would be worth while to get. If you want to buy straight V8 Car, you could contact another player who has already make a car with V8 (So basically he could use 10 super gt's, pay around 70mil for V8 car and sell it for 80mil as example, to get some profit, as the v8 would have more value as it cannot be straight off bought)

  • @Bunny I got your point and i think you are right. At the time all the money is just laying down in rich peoples bank accounts without any purpose so i guess any new ideas to spend money on are more than welcome. would probably even affect to general economy in the server. Big + for the idea, finally something really interesting, instead of "reset economy" 😃

  • +1 🙂