Sovetskiy Krasniy Molot
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    From Russia, with love.

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    Sovetskiy Krasniy Molot is a new organisation that operations on US territory, with it's main focus being San Andreas. The organisation was founded by a group of Russian immigrants that saw a great opportunity, here, in the US, to broaden their ways of making a high profit of money to send to their home country. Some say that it’s members have a communist view upon politics and that they have ties with different Russian mafia groups and terrorist organisations, but such links have not been proven yet. They managed to immigrate in the US using either fake documents, gaining a new identity or coming by boat. The identity of this organisations members still remains a secret to most around San Andreas.

    What does the Krasniy Molot look for in the US? The amount of profit that can be made in the US, especially around San Andreas, mainly fuel, represents a great opportunity to increase their revenue, and fund their homeland members too. The organisation is in a constant growth, so more and more resources are needed. It is also said that the organisation has interests in local businesses, like stores, houses, that they would use to fund their illegal activities here, on US soil.

    The organisation has attracted the attention of multiple governmental organisations here, in San Andreas including the army, Desert Eagles, who are slowly trying to uncover the organisation's real purpose here, and fight against it’s illegal activities, and remove it’s members from US soil. Their fight against the Krasniy Molot is funded by the American Government, and with help from Homeland Security... will they succeed? That remains to be found out.

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    Marshal Sovetskoy Armii









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    Veteran Sovetskoy Armii


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    The residence of the members of Sovetskiy Krasniy Molot.

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    1. Abide by all the rules in F1 panel

    2. A high ranked's word is final, you must abide by it

    3. Respect and support your fellow members, they are the ones that you will rely on

    4. Confidentiality is key; do not leak anything to an outsider

    5. Stay active and up-to-date on all the latest inside the group and in the community in general

    6. Be respectful towards the community; do not instigate any unnecessary fights or discussions

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    Our activities will be posted in the link below:

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    You can join us by filling in the following application:

    Genaral Information of the individual
    Ingame username:
    Previous punishments:
    G/s/c's part of:

    RP part

    Name of individual:
    Individual's reference: (skm members names)
    Define communism
    Reason for being interested in SKM whilst being a SA citizen:
    Backstory of the indivual:

    Finishing tests (ingame)
    The individual will be called to SKM base and that's where his test begins, test of his RP skills. While we act like SKM members checking on the interested individual if he's worthy of SKM, we'll do RP's or meetings in our base and so on.

    For any other question, you can join our discord channel:

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